Medical Tourism Insurance by Global Protective Solutions

Medical Tourism Corporation has partnered solely with Global Protective Solutions as its insurance provider.

GPS is administered by Custom Assurance Placements Ltd, an international insurance brokerage firm based in the US.

Medical Tourism Insurance

What Is Medical Tourism Insurance?

Medical tourism insurance is particularly crafted for people traveling overseas for a medical procedure.

When looking at Medical tourism insurance to back you up financially, it is essential to know what it covers:

✔️ Complications during treatment/ surgery

✔️ Complications during the recovery period

Cost of treatment

How Is Medical Tourism Insurance Different From Travel Insurance?

Medical Tourism Insurance is also known as Medical Travel and Complications Insurance.

One of the most profound differences between this and standard travel insurance involves their coverage.

While Standard travel insurance covers unforeseeable and emergency medical situations, it doesn’t cover planned and scheduled medical treatment overseas.

Medical Tourism Insurance Vs. Travel Insurance
Standard Travel Insurance Medical Tourism Insurance
Crafted for unexpected incidents while on vacation Formulated specifically for medical tourists and their needs
Coverage is limited to only emergency medical situations while traveling Coverage is for planned medical procedures overseas
Sought by people planning a vacation domestically or abroad Aimed for a trip overseas for the express purpose of medical treatment by medical tourists

Why Does One Need Medical Tourism Insurance?

All surgical procedures carry certain risks wherever you get them from your home country or abroad.

While we have highly qualified medical care providers on board, complications can occur, where insurance can be helpful.

It enables the medical tourist to have a peaceful mind by providing a host of benefits in case of a medical complication.

About Global Protective Solutions (GPS)

GPS provides a variety of policies that you can choose as per your requirement.

They have programs specially designed for international medical travelers.

They include coverage in case of complications arising from the scheduled medical procedure to travel-related accidents and illnesses.

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Medical Plans By Global Protective Solutions

From the many plans that GPS offers, these two are most popular among medical tourists:

Plan 1: Soter World Services (Guernsey) Trust

Participants of Soter World Services (Guernsey) Trust by GPS procures reimbursement for certain expenses incurred due to:

✔️ Complication of a medical tourism event

✔️ Travel-related accident

✔️ Travel-related illness

A medical complication here means bodily injury, as determined by a separate diagnosis.

This should be due to an approved treatment that took place while the trust participant was outside their own country of residence.

Plan 2: Travel Benefits Program

The Travel Benefits Program includes coverage for normal travel-related activities and a wide range of benefits in case of a medical complication.

With outstanding medical care at a cost-effective price, you can cover all your bases with Medical Tourism Insurance.

To receive a quote for coverage, fill out this form – GPS Medical Tourism Complications Coverage Application.

Disclaimer: Medical Tourism, LLC provides access to medical travel insurance coverage in good faith and has no financial interest with Global Protective SolutionsAll matters and disputes related to the programs shall be dealt directly with Global Protective Solutions.