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Medical Tourism Insurance for Mexico – Easy Complications Coverage

Medical Tourism Co. has tied up with Novamar insurance to provide medical tourism insurance for Mexico.


Medical Tourism Complications Cover

The phenomenon of medical tourism has made it easy for individuals to get treatments at pocket-friendly prices outside their home country.

Medical tourism insurance takes things to the next level – by removing the element of doubt related to a surgical complication arising later.

Medical tourism insurance policy gives people seeking medical, cosmetic and dental treatment in Mexico the peace of mind that any complications arising out the procedure will be covered.

Every medical procedure carries the inherent risk of complications. While the hospitals and surgeons we are associated with take every possible step to minimize the likelihood of a surgical complication, it might still arise and contribute to additional expenses.

This add-on expense can be a drain for individuals who are already burdened by that fact that their treatment is going to be self-paid.

The policy covers the treatment of complications in Latin America only.

Here’s an Example

If a policyholder from the United States undergoes gastric bypass in Mexico but suffers from a complication after coming back home, in order to get the claim they will have to travel back to Mexico for treatment.

A medical tourism complications insurance policy can help you be stress-free about paying for additional hospital, treatment, and accommodation expenses, should a complication arise.

Benefits – Medical Tourism Insurance Cover for Mexico

  • Complications cover of $50,000 for up to a year after the complication occurs
  • Zero deductible or coinsurance
  • Direct payments to hospitals and doctors in Latin America (most of the other companies reimburse in order to provide coverage)
  • Instantaneous and local assistance from underwriters physically present in the country
  • Simple claims process facilitated by bilingual staff
  • Rated A+ by Fitch Ratings Inc.

Medical Tourism Complication Insurance Covers

  • Added medical expense
  • Trip cancellation/delay
  • Extra consultations
  • Trip liability
  • Added travel costs
  • Death by accident
  • Extra hospital stay
  • Lost baggage
  • Hotel & air fare*
  • 24*7 travel assistance

*unplanned, out-of-schedule visit to the doctor up to 12 months later

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Disclaimer: Medical Tourism, LLC provides access to the medical travel insurance coverage in good faith and has no financial interest with Novamar Insurance Mexico. All matters and disputes related to the programs shall be dealt directly with Novamar Insurance Mexico.



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