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Malia’s Review on Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana – Mexico

Watch Malia’s review of bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico and find out how she decided on MTC. Malia came all alone from Idaho, United States for the weight loss surgery but left with no complaints.


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Video Transcription

“Hi, my name is Malia. I’m from Idaho Falls, Idaho. My older brother had a friend that had surgery in August down here and when I was looking into it at the States and then found out my insurance won’t cover the weight loss surgery, I got in touch with Garry and he told me all about Medical Tourism Corporation and I got a hold of, right away. You guys helped me right out, started answering my questions and told me about the support groups.

“That’s the first thing I did — get on the support group. Then I also got on another one on Facebook and I learnt so much! Just by listening to the questions or reading the questions and answers, you know. And then any other questions I had, Cyrel was my case manager and we just (communicated) back and forth, back and forth until, you know, I decided on my date and when I wanted to have the procedure done.

“Very delightful! You know, Angel picked me up and had a nice little chat all the way from San Diego to Tijuana. As soon as I got to the hotel, everybody just bent over backwards to help me with my bags and get me up comfortably set in my room. And then the next day, the same thing… back to the hospital and just a very warm, loving feeling.

“I think people have a perception of “uh, Tijuana! Don’t go there!” But like I said, I found this to be a very delightful experience. Very loving and warm, everybody has been very friendly and nice. And like I said, I would recommend it to anybody.

“I had concerns because I have had surgeries before and hopefully that we were still going to be able to do my surgery laparoscopically. The surgeon walked me through what was going on. And then even afterwards when he came in the next day and told me my concerns with my intestines further down were not really an issue. My surgery went really well. Liver, kidneys and heart, everything was just perfect for the surgery! I mean, I did my part but he also did his part which was awesome.

“Everybody has been so kind. You know, I came alone but I didn’t really feel like I was alone. Not with just the staff but the other patients that had come down, you get to know them. You know, it just kind of felt like a happy family. I didn’t feel alone at all!”

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