Sleeve Gastrectomy – Weight Loss Surgery

in Las Vegas

In this video, a leading bariatric and general surgeon explains the steps involved in sleeve gastrectomy in Las Vegas.

In sleeve gastrectomy, a part of a patient’s stomach is removed and the left out part is then stapled. The whole process is then checked again to prevent leakage. The procedure helps to control the food intake which results in reduction of weight.

Check out the video where the bariatric surgeon explains the whole procedure and tests, done to prevent the patient from any kind of problem in future.

Video Narration

“I am Bariatric and general surgeon.  I completed fellowship at USC in advanced laparoscopic surgery.  We address a lot of complicated general surgeries such as complicated hernias and also complicated gall bladder disease.  Although most of my practice is in bariatrics but I still do these procedures.

The steps for sleeve, actually the most important part of any operation begins way before you get to the operating room.  Most important part is to have a surgeon’s experienced and the patient has to

be very very comfortable with the doctor. That’s the most important thing that you have to be comfortable with your doctor, because that allows somebody to relax and allows somebody to have a safe procedure.  If you are not comfortable, if you are nervous, if you are anxious, you are going to have more problems after the surgery.  So that one of the most important thing as we concentrate on a lot.  I see every patient, every time, every visit to my office and part of that is making people comfortable with me and me with them.  So when they get to the hospital or to the surgery center, we start out by giving them pain medicine. Even before we got them for surgery we give them pain medicine.  It relaxes people, makes them comfortable, again enables us to operate safely.  So those are all important steps for any surgery.

For gastric sleeve what we are doing is we are freeing up the stomach from its attachments.  Its attached to the spleen on the top. It’s attached to large intestine at the bottom and we free up those attachments and we do that by coming in and starting at the top of the stomach and taking the stomach off the diaphragm.  We actually remove it from the diaphragm so it’s free.  We come below on the sleeve, we open up an area below, we take our stapler and come back to that open area from above and divide it.  Once we have freed all the attachment.  Once the stomach has been stapled off, we now have a section of stomach that can be taken out and believe it or not that is taken out from that hole that is just that big, very easily, quickly and safely in the operating room.  We take that out.  The next important steps for the operation are to check what you have done.  We test the connections test, all the stapling.  We do that by clapping things from below and having an anesthesiologist inject blue die. The sleeve will actually stand, it will blow up little tight and if there is going to be any leak she will see it right then and there. We do that test and we know it’s good.

The last thing we want to make sure is at the top where the opening is through the diaphragm, is not too wide.  If that opening is too wide than the people tend to have problems with reflex.  So what I do with my operations is that to clean up that opening and put in an extra stich in there to help reinforce that area so that reflexes are kept at their minimum after the surgery so we put an extra stich typically with the sleeve to prevent reflex.”

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