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Leg Amputation in Mexico – Testimonial

Canadian resident Pierre Bourdages chose Medical Tourism Corporation to facilitate his leg amputation surgery in Mexico. He is all praise for his treatment that helped him relive his life again. This is what he has to say on the occasion of the first anniversary of his amputation surgery –

“Today is the first anniversary of my amputation. I just wanted to tell you how I’m doing.

My rehabilitation went very fast. I’m one of the lucky one I guess because I never had any phantom pain only phantom sensations. Six months after my leg amputation I was walking over 6 hours a day with my C-Leg. Next month I will get a new OSSUR Power knee.

Pierre Bourdages-2
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My prosthesis was very happy with the wonderful job you did with my stump. My family doctor was also impressed. I still have some pain killers left from the prescriptions you gave me after a couple of days I was pain free.

I will never forget your kindness Doctor Gallarzo. You are a very gentle person and I can say the same for all the OR personnel and also the great nursing staff of the second floor.

Since my car accident in 2007 I went to many hospitals and saw many doctors and nurses. I have to say that Angeles Hospital and all its employees are the best. I’m sending you two photos with this email. One was taking by my car and the other one is with Kirsten, she is my prosthesis and she’s also a leg amputee.

Pierre Bourdages
I have lots of photos that was taken during my stay at Angeles Hospital but if possible I would like to have the regular mailing address of your office.

I want to thank you for giving me my life back.

Best wishes from Canada!

A grateful patient,
Pierre Bourdages”


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