Las Vegas Surgeon Compares SIPS With Other Bariatric Surgeries

A leading weight loss surgeon in Las Vegas explains the difference between SIPS – Stomach Intestinal Pylorus-Sparing Surgery, a relatively new bariatric surgery and other more traditional procedures such as gastric sleeve and duodenal switch.



Video Transcription

Welcome back! I am Dr. Umbach and we are talking again today about the difference between SIPS, a sleeve, a duodenal switch as it kind of gets confusing really quickly. What a SIPS is ­­­–   we have discussed previously SIPS procedure takes a gastric sleeve and hooks it to the small intestine about half way down. So, you are introducing a bypass of the small intestine along with the gastric sleeve.

A duodenal switch is an operation which has been around for a long time. It’s a very powerful operation and it involves making two new connections as well as hooking down very close to the large intestine. So, the side effects — malabsorption, diarrhea and things like that can be profound with duodenal switch.

The SIPS avoids all these problems by having a single connection in the mid portion of the small intestine. So, it essentially takes all the benefits of the duodenal switch but avoids all the side effects of the duodenal switch as well. And that’s why the SIPS procedure is so powerful for patients who have had a gastric sleeve procedure and are looking to losing more weight. So, it’s an evolution to the duodenal switch. It’s not a true and true duodenal switch in and on its own but it’s an evolution, a modification of the duodenal switch that takes all the advantages and leaves the disadvantages behind on the SIPS.

Here is another video in which the surgeon explains the advantages of SIPS. We now offer attractive SIPS DS bariatric surgery packages in Las Vegas, Nevada. We work with an acclaimed Bariatric Center of Excellence in Vegas which is self-contained and boasts a robust support program, including meal planning services, nutrition counselling as well as free exercise sessions.

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