Knee Replacement in Lithuania

Does severe pain due to arthritis or knee injury have you down?

Knee replacement in Lithuania is the balm you’re looking for.

Don’t let the NHS waiting list make you give up hope.[1]The Guardian
‘It’s not medical tourism, it’s desperation’: rising number of Britons resort to treatment abroad
“The latest NHS figures show that 7.19 million people were waiting for treatment in England alone in November, with 406,575 waiting over a year.”
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Travel to Lithuania for your surgery at 68% of the UK price!

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Knee Replacement in Lithuania Reviews

Why Get Your Knee Replacement Surgery in Lithuania?

Prices Within Your Budget

When you come to Lithuania, you can leave behind:

  • The never-ending waiting list of the NHS.[2]The Guardian
    ‘It’s not medical tourism, it’s desperation’: rising number of Britons resort to treatment abroad
    “The latest NHS figures show that 7.19 million people were waiting for treatment in England alone in November, with 406,575 waiting over a year.”
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  • The exorbitant prices of private healthcare in the UK.[3]Independent
    The real cost of private healthcare as NHS waiting lists lengthen
    “…many people are excluded from private treatment altogether because they can’t afford it – a problem only worsened by the current cost of living crisis.”
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Instead, get knee replacement surgery in Lithuania at a 68% lesser cost!

Waiting Room

Long Waiting Time in the UK

The prices are more economical in Lithuania because:

  • Lithuania’s cost of living is 45% lower than the UK’s.[4]Living Cost
    Lithuania vs United Kingdom – Cost of Living Comparison
    “The average cost of living in Lithuania ($1007) is 45% less expensive than in the United Kingdom ($1818).”
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  • Their medical sector has been reformed to make it more accessible.[5]European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies
    Lithuania: Country Health Profile 2021
    “Lithuania’s National Resilience and Recovery Plan was endorsed by the European Commission in July 2021 and will be financed by EUR 2.2 billion in grants . . . The first strategy will improve access to and quality of care.”
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Click here to see the cost of knee replacement in Lithuania.

Low Cost Knee Replacement

Low-Cost Knee Replacement

European Standards of Care

Our partner clinic in Lithuania is perfect for international patients as:

  • 50% of its patients are international.
  • It is licensed by the State Accreditation Service for Health Care Activities.[6]VASPVT
    “The national accreditation standards for primary care services were the outcome of the project “Health care quality improvement…”…funded by the structural funds of the European Union and the State budget of the Republic of Lithuania.”
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Click here for more details about the best orthopedic clinic in Lithuania.

Accredited Clinic

Accredited Clinic

Well-Qualified Surgeons

Fi Clinica’s orthopedic surgeons have:

  • 7+ years of experience.
  • National & international training.
  • Participated in national & international conferences.

Click here to see the credentials of Lithuania’s top orthopedic surgeons.

Medical Conference

Medical Conference

A European Vacation

Experience European culture at its best while getting your surgery in Lithuania!

Kaunas, the city Fi Clinica is located in, is a European Capital of Culture.[7]European Commission
Three new European Capitals of Culture for 2022
“As of 1 January 2022, three cities in Europe – Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg), Kaunas (Lithuania) and Novi Sad (Serbia) – will hold the title of European Capital of Culture for one year.”
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Kaunas Street

Kaunas Street

Kaunas Bridge

Kaunas Bridge

Cost of Knee Replacement in Lithuania

The cost of knee replacement in Lithuania is only €5,969.

This is 68% lesser than the UK cost, which is €18,990.

Other reconstructive surgeries for the knee are also affordable in Lithuania.

ACL reconstruction in Lithuania costs €2,531 but €7,517 in the UK.

This adds up to 66% savings.

The table below gives a detailed comparison of the prices in Lithuania and the UK.

Knee Replacement Cost Comparison (Euro)
Procedure Lithuania UK Savings
Knee Replacement €5,969 €18,990 68%
ACL Knee Ligament Surgery €2,531 €7,517 66%
Knee Meniscus Surgery €2,386 €4,521 47%
Knee Arthroscopy €1,486 €5,259 71%

Get your knee replaced at affordable prices in Europe.

Prices may vary depending on the severity of your case.

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Top Orthopedic Clinic in Lithuania

Now that your worries about cost have been put to rest let’s move on to hospitals.

Wondering where to go for your orthopedic surgery in Lithuania?

We have handpicked the best hospital in Lithuania for you.

It is well-accredited and follows European standards of care.

Keep reading to find out what it has to offer.

Fi Clinica

Fi Clinica in Lithuania

Fi Clinica in Lithuania


  • Sporto g. 3, 44221 Kaunas, Lithuania

Working Hours

  • Monday – Friday
  • 8 AM – 7 PM


  • 99% success rate.
  • 2000+ surgeries performed annually.
  • 50% of the clinic’s patients come from abroad.


Provision of:

  • Airport and hotel transfers.
  • Medications, tests, and crutches.
  • Quick recovery program with remote consultation.

  • State Accreditation Service for Health Care Activities under Lithuania’s Ministry of Health.

Get a consultation from Lithuania’s top orthopedic clinic.

Schedule a call to book an appointment now.

Top Orthopedic Surgeons in Lithuania

Our partner clinic employs the best orthopedic specialists in Lithuania, who have:

  • Interned and trained abroad, &
  • 6+ years of experience treating international patients.

Have a look at their credentials in more detail below.

Dr. Aurimas Širka

Dr. Aurimas Sirka

Dr. Aurimas Sirka, MD, Ph.D.


  • 7+ years


  • Ph.D. Doctoral Dissertation (2021)
  • Orthopedic traumatologist qualification, LUHS (2016)
  • Master’s degree & doctor’s qualification, LUHS (2011)

International Training

  • Instructional Course: Oxford Partial Knee, UK
  • ASI Approach course, Ceraver academy, France
  • ASI Hip Approach Masterclass course, Zimmer Biomet Institute, Austria


Participated in the following conferences:

  • “First Annual Global Medial-Pivot Symposium,” Chicago, USA
  • “15th EFORT Congress,” London, UK

Also published in reputed journals such as:

  • Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials (2022)
  • Medical Engineering and Physics (2021)
  • Clinical Biomechanics (2019)
  • Acta Orthopaedica (2015)

Dr. Edvinas Pranevičius

Dr. Edvinas Pranevicius

Dr. Edvinas Pranevicius, MD


  • 6+ years


  • Orthopedic traumatologist qualification, LUHS (2017)
  • Master’s degree & doctor‘s qualification, LUHS (2012)

International Training

  • 3 month internship, Department of Orthopedic Traumatology, Lund University Hospital, Sweden
  • Primary Knee Replacement surgery course, Zimmer Biomet Institute, Austria
  • ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) Course, American College of Surgeons


Participated in the following conferences:

  • “Topical treatment of axial skeletal diseases,” Vilnius, Lithuania
  • XIV Lithuanian Orthopedic Congress, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • “Upper limb injuries and treatment,” Kaunas, Lithuania

Patient Reviews

Now you know the clinic’s highlights and its surgeons’ credentials.

Let’s also look at what other patients have said about it:

Caroline Sheridan
(Google Reviews)
I decided to travel from the UK to FI clinic Lithuania. Absolutely amazing experience. Staff are so friendly and professional. I’ve felt comfortable at all times. The food is lovely too. I highly recommend the FI Clinic Kaunas, Lithuania. You won’t regret it.
Robyn Trout
(Google Reviews)
The clinic is very modern and high-tech and the staff are incredible. The overnight stay in the clinic was included in the price and it exceeded all my expectations! The aftercare is amazing also, 24/7 whatsapp communication with both the clinic and surgeon.

Ready to embark on a similar journey yourself?

Let’s begin by diving into what exactly your procedure in Lithuania will entail.

All About Knee Replacement Surgery in Lithuania

What is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement surgery, or knee arthroplasty, replaces a damaged knee joint with an artificial prosthesis.[8]NHS
Knee Replacement
“Knee replacement surgery (arthroplasty) is a common operation that involves replacing a damaged, worn or diseased knee with an artificial joint.”
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Knee Replacement Illustration

Knee Replacement Illustration

When is Knee Replacement Done?

When the knee joint is damaged, it can make movement difficult and cause pain.[9]NHS
Knee Replacement
“Knee replacement surgery is usually necessary when the knee joint is worn or damaged so that your mobility is reduced and you are in pain even while resting.”
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Knee replacement surgery can help mitigate these difficulties.

Various health conditions can damage the knee joint, such as:

  • Knee injury
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Knee deformity
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Gout
  • Haemophilia
  • Unusual bone growth
  • Blood supply problems
Source: NHS[10]NHS
Knee Replacement
“The most common reason for knee replacement surgery is osteoarthritis. Other health conditions that cause knee damage include: rheumatoid arthritis, haemophilia, gout,…unusual bone growth,…blood supply problems, knee injury, knee deformity…”
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Types of Knee Replacement Surgeries

There are two types of knee replacement surgeries:

  • Total Knee Replacement, in which both sides of the knee joint get replaced.
  • Partial Knee Replacement, in which one side of the knee joint gets replaced.

Partial Knee Replacement

Partial Knee Replacement

Source: NHS[11]NHS
Knee Replacement
“There are 2 main types of surgery: total knee replacement – both sides of your knee joint are replaced; partial (half) knee replacement – only 1 side of your joint is replaced…”
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Some damaged knees require only one component of the knee to be repaired:

ACL Reconstruction
This surgery is needed if you tear the ACL in your knee.[12]NHS
Knee Replacement
“The ACL is a tough band of tissue joining the thigh bone to the shin bone at the knee joint…and gives the knee joint stability…If you tear the…ACL in your knee, you may need to have reconstructive surgery…it can be reconstructed by attaching (grafting) new tissue on to it.”
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ACL Reconstruction

ACL Reconstruction

Knee Meniscus Surgery
This surgery is needed if the meniscus in your knee gets torn.[13]Ortho Info
Meniscus Tears
“Two bones meet to form your knee joint: the femur and the tibia…Two wedge-shaped pieces of fibrocartilage act as shock absorbers between your femur and tibia…Some meniscus tears can be repaired by suturing (stitching) the torn pieces together.”
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Knee Meniscus Surgery

Knee Meniscus Surgery

Eligibility Criteria for Knee Replacement Surgery

The following factors can make you eligible for knee replacement surgery:

  • Knee deformity
  • Chronic knee inflammation
  • Reduced mobility and severe pain
  • Not improving from non-surgical treatment
Source: Ortho Info[14]Ortho Info
Total Knee Replacement
“When Surgery Is Recommended… Severe knee pain or stiffness that limits everyday activities, including walking, climbing stairs, and getting in and out of chairs…Moderate or severe knee pain while resting…Chronic knee inflammation and swelling that does not improve with rest or medications, Knee deformity…Failure to substantially improve with other treatments…”
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Knee Replacement Surgery Procedure


Orthopedic Evaluation

Your surgeon will examine your knee and its mobility and strength.

X-Rays and MRIs will be taken to assess the damage to bone and tissues.

Your medical history will also be gathered, and tests will be done.

Blood and urine samples will also be collected.

Orthopedic Evaluation

Orthopedic Evaluation

Source: Ortho Info[15]Ortho Info
Total Knee Replacement
“X-rays…MRI…to determine the condition of the bone and soft tissues…Medical history…tests…blood and urine samples…”
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You will be given anesthesia.

Damaged cartilage and bone on your knee will be removed.

They will be replaced with metal implants fixed with bone cement.

A plastic spacer will be inserted between the implants for smooth joint movement.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery

Source: Ortho Info[16]Ortho Info
Total Knee Replacement
“general anesthesia…arthritic cartilage and underlying bone…removed and resurfaced with metal implants on the femur and tibia. A plastic spacer…placed in between the implants.”
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Rehabilitation After Knee Replacement Surgery

Hospital Stay
You will stay in the hospital for 1-3 days. You will be:

  • Prescribed medications to help with postsurgical pain.
  • Asked to do breathing exercises to prevent pneumonia.
  • Encouraged to move your foot to prevent blood clots and swelling.
  • Undergoing physiotherapy to strengthen your leg and restore knee mobility.

Wound Care

You will be asked to take care of your wound by

  • Avoiding putting it in water.
  • Regularly changing its dressing.

Sutures will be removed after 14 days.


Exercise is crucial during the first few weeks after surgery to restore mobility.

Your physical therapist will recommend specific exercises for you to do.

You will need walking aids initially but should soon resume walking, sitting, standing, and climbing stairs.


A balanced diet and iron supplements are recommended for healing.

Home Planning


  • Staying on one floor to avoid climbing stairs.
  • Installing safety bars in your shower and a handrail along the stairways.
  • Having someone help you with tasks such as bathing, cooking, shopping, and laundry.

Knee Replacement Rehabilitation

Knee Replacement Rehabilitation

Source: Ortho Info[17]Ortho Info
Total Knee Replacement
Hospital stay…Medications…Foot and ankle movement…help prevent leg swelling and blood clots…A physical therapist will teach you specific exercises…pneumonia…The stitches…will be removed several weeks after surgery…Avoid soaking the wound in water…continue to bandage the wound…Exercise is a critical component…you will be able to walk with a cane…A balanced diet, often with an iron supplement…Home planning…A temporary living space on the same floor…Safety bars or a secure handrail…you will need help for several weeks with such tasks as cooking, shopping, bathing, and doing laundry…”
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Recovery Time for Knee Replacement Surgery

Full recovery from knee replacement surgery takes about 4 months to a year.[18]Medline Plus
Knee Joint Replacement
“Full recovery will take 4 months to a year.”
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But you will no longer need walking aids 6 weeks after the surgery.[19]NHS
Knee Replacement
“Most people can stop using walking aids around 6 weeks after surgery.”
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Our partner clinic offers a quick recovery program that provides:

  • Effective and swift rehabilitation.
  • Remote consultation with the surgeon and physiotherapist.

Possible Complications of Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement rarely results in complications, but you should know the risks:

  • Blood clot
  • Unexpected bleeding
  • Infection of wound or joint
  • Break in the bone
  • Ligament or nerve damage
  • Stiffness and pain in the knee
Source: NHS[20]NHS
Knee Replacement
“Complications are rare but can include: stiffness of the knee, infection of the wound, infection of the joint…unexpected bleeding…ligament, artery or nerve damage…deep vein thrombosis (DVT)…persistent pain…a break in the bone…during or after the operation…”
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The good news is that knee replacement has a great prognosis.

Fewer than 2 in every 100 people experience complications.[21]Medical News Today
What are the risks of knee replacement surgery?
“Fewer than 2 in every 100 people will experience a severe complication following knee replacement surgery.”
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Additionally, most knee implants last 10-15 years. Some can even last 20 years![22]Medline Plus
Knee Joint Replacement
“The results of a total knee replacement are often excellent…Most artificial knee joints last 10 to 15 years. Some last as long as 20 years…”
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Is Knee Replacement in Lithuania Safe?

Knee replacement surgery in Lithuania is completely safe. Here’s why:

  • Knee replacement surgery has a 90% success rate.[23]Ortho Info
    Total Knee Replacement
    “Currently, more than 90% of modern total knee replacements are still functioning well 15 years after the surgery.”
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  • Fi Clinica uses durable implants made of metal alloys and ultra-high molecular weight plastic.[24]National Library of Medicine
    Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) for hip and knee arthroplasty
    “Since its introduction in 1962, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) remains the most commonly used bearing material in joint arthroplasties, due to its high mechanical properties and wear resistance.”
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  • The Lithuanian Health Strategy 2014–2025 seeks to provide European-standard healthcare.[25]Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania
    Resolution No XII-964 Of Approval of the Lithuanian Health Strategy 2014–2025
    “The Lithuanian Health Strategy 2014–2025…sets goals and objectives of health care activities and target indicators needed to achieve the level of health set out in the goals of the National Development Strategy: Lithuania 2030…The Strategy is based on provisions and values inherent in the following: the World Health Organization…policy document for the European region Health 2020…best practices of the European Union…member states…”
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So, you can rest easy and begin planning your trip now!

Medical Tourism in Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the most scenic countries in the Baltic region of Europe.

When getting your orthopedic surgery abroad, why not make a vacation out of it?

Let’s look at a few things you should know about Lithuania:

🛂Passport for Visiting Lithuania

UK citizens traveling to Lithuania need:

  • A passport issued less than 10 years ago
  • No Visa for a 90 days stay
Foreign Travel Advice Lithuania
“If you are planning to travel to an EU country…Your passport must be: Issued less than 10 years before the date you enter the country…valid for at least 3 months after the day you plan to leave…You can travel to countries in the Schengen area for up to 90 days in any 180-day period without a visa.”
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✈️Flights to Lithuania

Lithuania is less than a 3-hour flight away from the UK.

Non-stop Flights from the UK to Lithuania (KUN)
Origin Duration
Edinburgh (EDI) 2 hr 35 min
London (LTN) 2 hr 35 min
Bristol (BRS) 2 hr 45 min

Our partner clinic provides transfers to and from the airport.

So you don’t need to worry about transportation!

☀️Best Time to Visit Lithuania

The best months to visit Lithuania are from May-August.

This is when temperatures are the most pleasant for sightseeing![27]On The Go Tours
Best Time to Visit Lithuania
“The end of spring and into summer (May – August) offer the most pleasant temperatures…for sightseeing.”
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💶Currency Used in Lithuania

Lithuania’s currency has been the Euro since 2015.[28]European Central Bank
Lithuania (since 1 January 2015)
“Lithuania joined the euro area on 1 January 2015. On that day the euro replaced the litas.”
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🔤Languages Spoken in Lithuania

The official language of the country is Lithuanian.

A large number of the population also speaks English.[29]True Lithuania
Languages in Lithuania
“The sole official language in Lithuania…is Lithuanian…English is the most popular foreign language to learn today. It is spoken by 30% of total population and 80% of the youth.”
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🏰Tourist Attractions in Kaunas, Lithuania

Here are the sights that await you in Europe’s cultural capital:

Kaunas Castle

Kaunas Castle

This medieval castle is the oldest stone castle in Lithuania.[30]Lithuania Travel
Top 10 Places to Visit in Kaunas
“The Medieval Kaunas Castle…The country’s oldest stone castle.”
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Kaunas Town Hall

Kaunas Town Hall

This is the heart of Kaunas city and hosts many events and fairs.[31]Keturios Sostines
Kaunas Town Hall Square
“The Town Hall still is the focal point of the town…Now, the same as in the past, the Town Hall Square holds different events and fairs.”
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Cathedral of St. Peter & Paul

Cathedral of St. Peter & Paul

This is the only Gothic basilica-style church in Lithuania.[32]Visit Kaunas
The Kaunas St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral
“Kaunas Parochial Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and Paul is the only church in the Gothic style of basilica design…in Lithuania.”
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St. Michael the Archangel’s Church

St. Michael the Archangel's Church

A church built by Russian architects in the neo-byzantine style.[33]Visit Kaunas
St. Michael the Archangel’s Church
“The Sobor was designed by Russian architects and decorated by Petersburg artists. In 1919 it was transformed into a Catholic St. Michael the Archangel church garrison.”
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Why Choose MTC for Your Knee Replacement in Lithuania?

We know the waiting list in the UK disheartens you.

But you are probably apprehensive about going to another country for surgery too.

We understand your nervousness and want to make the process smoother for you.

MTC offers you a handpicked suggestion after carefully vetting:

  • The clinic’s facilities, &
  • Its surgeons’ credentials.

Our partner clinic will prioritize your safety and deliver European-standard care.


How much does it cost to replace knees in Lithuania?

Total knee replacement in Lithuania costs €5,969.

On the other hand, it costs €18,990 in the UK.

This adds up to 68% savings!

How painful is a total knee replacement in Lithuania?

Your total knee replacement surgery in Lithuania will be painless and comfortable.

You will be administered general anesthesia.

After the surgery, you will be prescribed medications to help with the pain.

Is it worth getting a knee replacement in Lithuania?

Getting a knee replacement in Lithuania is entirely worth it.

Lithuania is actively reforming its medical sector to align it with EU-approved practices.

Besides, our partner clinic:

  • Has a 99% success rate, and 50% of its patients are international.
  • Uses high-quality, durable implants, which studies consider best.
  • Is accredited by the State Accreditation Service for Health Care Activities, which follows European standards.

Moreover, knee replacement surgery has a 90% success rate, and implants can last 15-20 years!

What is the recovery time for knee replacement surgery in Lithuania?

The total recovery time for knee replacement surgery is 4 months to a year.

You will be recommended to stay in the hospital for 2-3 days.

You will stop needing walking aids from 6 weeks onwards.

Fi Clinica also offers a quick recovery program for fast and effective rehabilitation.

This includes remote consultation with the surgeon and physiotherapist.


Knee replacement in Lithuania can be your escape from chronic pain.

You can have the surgery at 68% of the UK price in a European country!

The wait for you to walk with ease again is finally over.

A 3-hour flight is the only thing between you and a new knee joint!

Ready to start a pain-free life at a minimal cost?

Contact us now to plan your medical trip to Lithuania.


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