Is your bad hip a sore point for you? Is the high cost of hip replacement surgery bothering you?

Worry not, we’ve got your back!

Hip replacement surgery in Lithuania might be just what you’re looking for.

Scroll down to find out how you can save up to 66% of UK prices in Lithuania.

Patient testimonial – Hip replacement in Lithuania

Why Choose Hip Replacement Surgery in Lithuania?

Wondering why you should consider Lithuania for surgery? Let’s find out!

We have listed the benefits of hip replacement surgery in Lithuania below:


  • Traveling to Lithuania from the UK is cost-effective.
  • The cost of surgery in the UK is 66% more than in Lithuania.


  • The quality in Lithuania is at par with UK.
  • You will not be compromising on the treatment or doctors!

Waiting Period

  • In the UK, you would have to wait months to get the surgery.[1]RCS ENG
    More than 2 million people waiting longer than statutory 18 weeks for NHS treatment
    “…more than 2 million people have been waiting over the statutory 18 weeks for NHS hospital treatment…”
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  • In Lithuania, there’s no delay in providing you with the care you deserve!


  • Along with your surgery, you get the opportunity to explore this beautiful country.
  • Sightsee and explore this country! For more details, click here!

💡Did you know?

Lithuania is a hotspot for UK patients seeking low-cost and high-quality medical care.[2]Open Access Government
Lithuania: A hotspot for cost effective and world-class medical care
“UK patients are looking to European destinations such as Lithuania, where world-class medical care can be carried out quicker, privately, and at a much lower cost…”
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The Cost of Hip Replacement in Lithuania

By choosing hip replacement surgery in Lithuania, you stand to save up to 66%. Need more details? Simply, scroll down!

The cost of hip replacement in Lithuania is €6,396, whereas it costs almost €17,000 in the UK.

Cost of Hip Replacement in Lithuania Vs. UK
Procedure UK Lithuania
Hip Replacement Surgery £17,000 £6,396*

*The prices may fluctuate depending on your implant and the number of days in rehabilitation.

Still, the table above gives an approximate surgery and consultation cost. Contact us now for a FREE custom quote!

Let us now explore the best hospital and surgeons in Lithuania!

Best Hospital for Hip Replacement Surgery in Lithuania

If you are considering flying to Lithuania for surgery, visit Fi Clinica!

It should be on the top of your list with:

  • an accuracy of 99%,
  • Cutting-edge technology, and
  • 20+ years of experience on its belt!

Fi Clinica | Best Hospital for Hip Replacement Surgery in Lithuania

Fi Clinica: Best Hospital for Hip Replacement Surgery in Lithuania

Take a look at the facilities offered by Fi Clinica to its international patients.


  • Get treated by highly-qualified doctors at Fi Clinica.
  • Fi Clinica has excellent infrastructure and resources!


  • The Ministry of Health accredits Fi Clinica.
  • Licensed by the State Accreditation Service for Health Care.


  • Fi Clinica is a reputed hospital established 20 years ago.
  • They have credible experience in handling orthopedic surgeries.
  • Their doctors are well-practiced professionals!

Best Surgeons for Hip Replacement Surgery in Lithuania

Having the best surgeons on board will not only alleviate your stress but also provide reassurance.

We have found you the best hands in Lithuania, scroll down to learn more!

Dr. Edvinas Pranevičius for orthopaedic surgery

Dr. Edvinas Pranevičius


  • Orthopaedist traumatologist


  • Knee and hip replacement surgery


  • Lithuanian University of Health Sciences


  • Advanced Trauma Life Support course certificate

Dr. Aurimas Širka

Dr. Aurimas Širka


  • Orthopaedist traumatologist


  • Doctoral Dissertation, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, 2021


  • 6+ years


  • Published several scientific papers

If hip replacement in Lithuania is the right choice for you, reach out to us!

Going to a reputed hospital backed by reviews and testimonials, be rest assured that you’re in the best hands!

Reviews of Hip Replacement Surgery in Lithuania

Fi Clinica is one of the best hospitals in Lithuania to get hip replacement surgery.

Don’t believe us? Hear directly from patients:

Swa Shorty
(Google Reviews)

“The staff was very professional, and the clinic was gorgeous and very clean. My surgeon couldn’t do a better job.”

Agnė Drobina
(Google Reviews)

“Excellent staff and doctors are specialists in their field. I know that I will come here again and again.”

Valerija Adomaitė
(Google Reviews)

“All employees do their job flawlessly. The whole process went very smoothly, and thanks to the amazing staff!

A Guide to Hip Replacement in Lithuania

Below is a quick guide to understand the fundamentals of hip replacement surgery in Lithuania.

We cover aspects like the procedure, aftercare, complications, and more.



Surgery at Fi Clinica | Best Hospital in Lithuania

The surgery aims to ensure proper functionality of the hip by:

  • replacing damaged hip joint,
  • with a prosthetic implant.

An implant is chosen for the patient, depending on their:

  • bone quality and
  • damage.

After which, a minimally invasive incision is made while the patient is administered general anaesthesia.

⭐ The goal is to remove the damaged upper part of the femur and replace it with appropriately sized artificial implants.[3]OrthoInfo
Total Hip Replacement
“In a total hip replacement (also called total hip arthroplasty), the damaged bone and cartilage is removed and replaced with prosthetic components.”
View in Article
Video Courtesy: AAOS Online


Total Time Taken

The table shows the time for recommended recovery and post-op care.

Total surgery time Recovery time Hospital stay
2 hours[4]The Johns Hopkins University
Hip replacement surgery
“On average, hip replacement surgeries last about two hours.”
View in Article
2 to 4 weeks[5]The Johns Hopkins Hospital,
“On average, hip replacement recovery can take around two to four weeks, but everyone is different,”
View in Article
1-2 days

Hip Physiotherapy

Fi Clinica has a quick recovery program to restore hip function with:

targeted and

effective care.

After a day or two of surgery, you should be able to move around with crutches or a cane.


Eligibility Criteria

While the surgery is safe for all ages,[6]OrthoInfo AAOS
Total Hip Replacement
“Hip replacement surgery is a safe and effective procedure that can relieve your pain,…”
View in Article
it is advised to exercise caution when choosing the procedure.

These are the essential things to remember before opting for this procedure. Patients should:

  • Be free of infection,
  • Not have nicotine addiction,
  • Have good mental health, and
  • Be the last resort after no results from medicines and physiotherapy.

Source: Arthritis Health[7]Arthritis Health
Indications and Eligibility for Total Hip Replacement Surgery
“Not everyone with hip arthritis is a candidate for total hip replacement surgery. Orthopedic surgeons look for specific signs and symptoms that indicate hip replacement might be an appropriate treatment. Likewise, certain factors (called contraindications) may suggest that surgery poses more…”
View in Article



The aftercare regime includes physical therapy[8]Mayo clinic
Hip replacement
“Daily activity and exercise can help you regain the use of your joint and muscles. A physical therapist can recommend strengthening and mobility exercises…”
View in Article
and a good diet.

Compromising on either of the two pillars will hamper the plan, and recovery might take longer.

⭐Keep your doctor abreast of all your improvements and pain levels so they can monitor your condition better.

Types of Hip Replacement

A patient can opt for 3 main types of hip replacement depending on their condition.

Differences THR[9] HRA[10] Partial hip replacement
Age group Young adults, teens & 60s to 80s.
Less than 60
 50s to 80s[11]Low Country Orthopaedics
“Most patients who undergo partial hip replacement are age 50 to 80”
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Recovery time No less than 3 months 3 weeks to a month 3 weeks to 4 months[12]DocDoc
Partial Hip Replacement
“Partial hip replacement surgery recovery may take three to six weeks, after which patients can resume their normal activities. However, partial hip replacement recovery in elderly may take as long as six months.”
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Surgery time 2 hours 1.5 – 3 hours 1 – 1.5 hours[13]DocDoc
What is Partial Hip Replacement Surgery: Overview, Benefits, and Expected Results
“A partial hip replacement, which takes between 60 and 90 minutes, aims to remove the broken femoral head, trim the fractured end of the joint, and insert a one-piece prosthetic joint.”
View in Article
Causes Osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis High intensity activities Fracturing or dislocation of the hip joint due to age.[14]DocDoc
What is Partial Hip Replacement Surgery: Overview, Benefits, and Expected Results
“Fracture…A partial hip replacement is more commonly used to treat traumatic hip injury and is often prescribed to elderly patients whose bones are more brittle and prone to fractures even with mild slips and falls.”
View in Article

Source: OrthoInfo[9]OrthoInfo
Total Hip Replacement
“Total hip replacements have been performed successfully at all ages, from the young teenager with juvenile arthritis to the elderly patient with degenerative arthritis.”
View in Article
, OrthoInfo[10]OrthoInfo
Hip Resurfacing
“Unlike hip replacement, hip resurfacing is not suitable for all patients. Generally speaking, the best candidates for hip resurfacing: ..Are younger (less than 60)”
View in Article

Success Rate and Complications

Success rate at Fi Clinica is 99%!

Surgery is a relatively safe procedure, but risks include

  • Infection and
  • Blood clots in the pelvis or leg.

Source: Arthritis Health[10]Arthritis Health
Total Hip Replacement Surgery Risks and Complications
“Like any major surgery involving general anesthesia, hip replacement surgery carries a low risk of blood clots…Infections.””
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In addition, you might have to take precautions to avoid accidental dislocation of your hip. Scroll down to see what your recovery entails.

Hip replacement recovery

Recovery: Hip Replacement Surgery

Medical Tourism in Lithuania

Lithuania is a beautiful country that offers spectacular scenic views and is a must-visit for any nature lover.

Check out a few basic details about Lithuania below!

Lithuania Snapshot

Lithuania: An Inforgraphic

Things To Do in Kaunas, Lithuania

Lithuania has several UNESCO sites that have to be on your radar when you visit.[11]Visit Kaunas
“Kaunas is also part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network…”
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Apart from that, the city has something for everyone, from museums to shopping centres to breath-taking castles!

Below we’ve complied a list of must-visit places.


Kaunas Castle | Medical Tourism in Lithuania

Kaunas Castle

This is a beautiful 14th-century castle.[12]Visit Kaunas
“The castle at the confluence of the Nemunas and Neris rivers was built in the 14th century ”
View in Article

If you are a history lover, you must visit the ruins and witness a very important historical site.

Open: Tuesday – Saturday
Timings: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Pazaislis Monastery | Things to do in Lithuania

Pazaislis Monastery

Are you an art lover? Just outside the city centre is the Pazaislis Monastery.

The beautiful murals by Michelangelo Palloni and spacious gardens are soothing to the soul.

Open: Tuesday – Saturday
Timings: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


The Devil Museum

The Devil Museum

This is a museum dedicated to housing more than 3000 artifacts of the devil.[13]Lithuania Travel
The Devil’s Museum
“The Devils’ Museum, which is included in the list of the most unique museums worldwide, stores about 3000 horned exhibits…”
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The exhibits are collected from different cultures and countries.

It is one of the unique selling points of the city!


Atomic Bunker

The Devil Museum

This museum is 6 meters underground.[14]ATOMIC BUNKER
About Us
“Nuclear bunker is a unique attraction in Kaunas. This is a museum founded in the bunker, 6 meters under the ground…”
View in Article
and features:

  • gas masks,
  • deep diving equipment,
  • air horns, and more.

It’s private collection is the only of this kind in the world.

How To Reach?

Traveling by air is the fastest and most convenient way of reaching Lithuania.

You deboard at the Vilnius airport (VNO), the largest in the country.

Check the table below for the flying time from various airports in UK to Lithuania.

Airport Flight time No of Stops
London (LTN) 2 hours 45 minutes Non-stop
Manchester (MAN) 5 hours 55 minutes 1 stop
Birmingham (BHX) 6 hours 25 minutes 1 stop
Edinburg (EDI) 8 hours 30 minutes 1 stop

After reaching Vilnius, you can take a taxi or train to Fi Clinica.

Is Hip Replacement Safe in Lithuania?

Hip Replacement Implant

Yes, hip replacement surgery in Lithuania is safe!

The hospitals in the country boast of healthcare standards matching those in the UK.

Moreover, Fi Clinica, has a good success rate and carries out thousands of surgeries annually.


How much can I save on hip replacement in Lithuania?

The cost of hip replacement in Lithuania is nearly 66% less than that in the UK, which amounts to almost €18,280.

The surgery cost at Fi Clinica, Lithuania, is €2800, but the total price, including hospital stay, comes out to be €6396. 

Get in touch with us for a FREE custom quote!

What is the recovery time after hip replacement surgery in Lithuania?

The recovery time after hip replacement surgery is usually two to four weeks.[15]The Johns Hopkins Hospital
““On average, hip replacement recovery can take around two to four weeks, but everyone is different”
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It depends upon the patient’s lifestyle, aftercare regime, and other health factors.

How long should I wait after hip replacement surgery to get another surgery?

The recommended time between surgeries should be from:

  • six to twelve weeks,[16]Very well health
    Best Waiting Time Between Surgeries
    “Most healthcare providers will recommend waiting six to 12 weeks between surgeries.”
    View in Article
  • even longer, depending on the type of surgery.

It is said that the longer you wait, the better.


Hip replacement surgery in Lithuania is key to good quality of life!

The surgery is affordable and the results are nothing short of phenomenal, making it an ideal choice.

So don’t let your lousy hip stop you from living your life! Contact us today for more information!


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