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Costa Rica is said to be one of the world’s best health care system as rated by the World Health Organization.

According to the World Health Organization’s, World Health Report 1995, Costa Rica is rated 3rd in life expectancy in the world behind Japan and France.

Clinica Biblica for Medical Tourism - Costa Rica

Hospital Clinica Biblica

Some of the hospitals have the Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation which provides assurance in terms of hospital standards and patient care that comply with international benchmark.

And the JCI accreditation is given only to the world’s finest hospitals.

Not limiting to that, the cost of medical treatment in hospitals of Costa Rica is one third of what it would cost in North America. That is the reason San Jose is observed as a hub for medical tourism.

Many people from North America and European countries fly down here for all kinds of surgeries and medical treatments.

One such hospital is the CIMA Hospital, San Jose, Costa Rica, which provides superior technology, infrastructure and best trained international professionals comprising North American standards.

You will find that more than 25% of patients at CIMA are foreigners, the percentage of which is said to be growing.

Hospital CIMA in San Jose

CIMA in San Jose

Moreover 15% of tourists in Costa Rica comprise of medical tourists. Another most popular for medical consultation and specialized services here is the Hospital Clinica Biblica, San Jose, Costa Rica, which has more than 40 specialties along with sub-specialties.

Clinica Biblica is a JCI accredited hospital. The cost of surgeries and treatments in these hospitals is just a fractional amount when compared to the US costs while providing superior results.

Not to limit with that, these hospitals are a world class when compared other international standards, luxurious facilities, localities and high standard care.

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