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Staff at Hair Surgery Center, India

A well-known plastic surgeon from Chandigarh, India shares about his hair surgery center staff. It is the presence of highly competent professionals that has made medical tourism in India a fast-growing industry.

Following is the video narration:

“We have a large staff of about ten to twelve people, and out which one person is trained in USA and is a recognized surgical assistant of the international society of hair restoration surgeons; we are affiliated with this society. We have a rotational staff, and since the hours are long, staff comes and goes on rotation.

“The languages that are used in my center are English and Indian languages. We get clients from the Middle East and for which we, at times, arrange interpreters, Arabic interpreters from the local madrasa, from the local mosque, so that during consultation there is nothing that we cannot convey to them or they would not be able to convey to us because of the language barrier. We also have French translators, interpreters available in Chandigarh.”

The reputation of Indian doctors is very high all over the world, and at out network hospitals in India, you will be treated by the ones who are among the best available.

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