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Causes of Hair Loss

Plastic Surgeon, India

In this video, a leading hair transplant surgeon from India talks about the causes of hair loss and the age group of the majority of the hair transplant patients.

Video Narration

“See the commonest cause of hair loss is going to be is…due to stress compounded by the presence of male pattern baldness gene. So, in the last decade we have been seeing hair loss occurs very early in life in patients was 16 years old and was intensely distressed by the loss of hair. So, the male pattern gene is a constant for hair loss but it is nowadays compounded by stress at work, stress in relationships as well as poor nutrition. It’s not that people don’t have money to get good nutrition but it’s because of the fast food that we eat which is not nourishing. So, this causes hair loss and thirdly, there are other conditions…skin conditions which lead to hair loss but that is a different matter. We treat mostly male pattern baldness cases. Our most clientele is between 28 to 35 years that is the commonest group we treat.”

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