High BMI Weight Loss Surgery – Tijuana, MX Bariatric Surgeon

In this video Dr. Jorge Green, a bariatric surgeon talks about weight loss surgery for high BMI individuals in Tijuana, Mexico.


Video Transcription

It is very important – the medical questionnaire that patients fill online. And the reason for this is because we have to approve it first. We have to know which co-morbidities they have and how to control them so that the surgery can be performed with the highest safety for the patient. In patients with high body mass index (above 50), it takes usually more time to perform the surgery as well as the disposable material we use to perform a weight loss surgery. So sometimes in such cases in which the body mass index goes up from 50 the cost is going to be more.

Here is another video in which the surgeon talks about post-op bariatric surgery care in Tijuana, Mexico.

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