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Gastric Sleeve in Mexico – Keri’s Experience

Watch Keri, who came all the way from New Zealand, review gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico. She decided to have her bariatric surgery in Tijuana, a major Mexican border town in proximity of San Diego, California.

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Video Transcription

“Hi, I am Keri Lincoln from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. I am here for gastric surgery. It was whole day away from home, a lot cheaper than home and I could recover. I could definitely recover on my own without having to do the school drop off, cooking, cleaning, working.

Yes, I looked at going to Thailand possibly but I am very glad I chose Mexico. So, I looked online at lots of different companies. So, I pretty much just made by how happy the doctors looked and how flash the facilities were – flash hospital, flash hotel – all of that and yeah it has been easy, it has been so easy. It’s easier than trying to book a doctor’s appointment with my doctor at home. It’s been that easy. I have had constant contact … and it has been amazing – the dietitians, everything, everyone, easy.

Beautiful, that was beautiful. It had everything you needed. Gosh, what a beautiful little walk-around in the front part, that was beautiful. Clean!

Friendly nurses, wow, that’s so nice, so friendly!

The surgeon is so friendly! Look, I got multiple visits from him. I got, he’s given me his personal contact number, if I have any questions whatsoever.  He’s a lovely man with a huge heart.

The Grand, it’s lovely! It’s flash. I’ve got a beautiful view of the pool down here and the golf course, just over there. It’s beautiful, it’s lovely. AC, TV, huge bench, beautiful shower, lovely pressure, lovely pressure in the shower. That’s for sure.

You’ve been amazing! You’ve honestly, my this whole ordeal, this long trip from home, you’ve made it easy, you’ve made it bearable for me. You are, you are my friend away, you are my family away from home. You are and you have got cool hair.

From day one, I’ve been on my phone. I’ve had messages, phone calls, everything. I have people asking how was it? How much is it? Are they kind? Are they friendly? Is it safe? I keep replying, absolutely, I will keep it as soon as I get home. I want to enjoy being in the moment for now.

Just a big, fat thank you! Thank You! Thanks for taking me. Thank for being part of this journey. It means so much.”

Keri is not alone in her journey to lose weight and find a new lease on life. Check out another video where Adrienne reviews sleeve gastrectomy in Tijuana, Mexico.

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