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Gastric Plication Surgery in Mexico

With costs of medical treatments flying through the roof in the United States, more and more Americans looking for cheaper weight loss surgical solutions are heading to neighboring Mexico. Gastric sleeve plication in Mexico costs substantially lower. There are a number of other advantages of choosing Mexico for your surgery. Read on to learn more.

Get a slimming makeover in Mexico while saving big!

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Before & After Results of Bariatric Surgery in Mexico
Before & After Results of Bariatric Surgery in Mexico
Turn Your Life Around With WLS in Mexico!

Cost of Your Surgery in Mexico

Destination Cost
Puerto Vallarta $6,500
Cancun $5,000
Ciudad Juarez $7,200

Average Costs in the USA – more than $30,000
Since we offer gastric plication across numerous locations here, we advise you to fill the online quote form. This way, we can send you the latest prices and specials.

Hospital Stay

You will have to spend about 2 nights in the hospital after your surgery.

Destinations for Sleeve Plication Outside USA

We at Medical Tourism Co. work with leading hospitals and bariatric surgeons in the major Mexican cities such as Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and Ciudad Juarez to facilitate self-pay and even fully financed gastric plication surgery.

Complimentary Services Offered by MTC

We offer free ground transportation from the international airports serving Cancun and Puerto Vallarta.

We also arrange for hotel stay for special discounted tariffs in Puerto Vallarta).

Benefits of Choosing Mexico for Your Surgery

  • Availability of high-quality medical care at affordable costs
  • Enjoy savings as high as 70% over the American prices
  • Proximity to the United States resulting in relatively lower travel costs
  • Major Mexican cities are served by their own international airports
  • Border towns such as Ciudad Juarez are not very far from airports on the American side of the border
  • Culturally quite Americanized because of proximity to the USA

Gastric Plication with MTC in Mexico

Treatment at Leading Hospitals

We work with the top hospitals in Mexico to facilitate your sleeve plication. The hospital we work with in Cancun features the following:

  • ICU and intermediate care
  • Well appointed patient rooms and master suites
  • X-rays and 4D ultrasound
  • Emergency room
  • Conveniently located only 30 minutes from the Cancun airport

And a lot more!
Contact us to know about the other hospitals we work with to facilitate gastric plication surgery in other major Mexican cities.

A Beach Resort in Cancun-Mexico

We Work With Leading WLS Surgeons

At MTC we work with the most competent of bariatric surgeons for performing your gastric plication surgery. Below is a sneak-peak into the profile of the bariatric surgeon we work with in Puerto Vallarta:

  • Training and experience from Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Argentina and the United States of America
  • Diploma in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery from Hospital Torre Medica, Mexico DF
  • Bariatric surgery fellowship – Centro Laparoscopico de Barcelona Medical Center Teknon (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Advanced Bariatric Surgery Course from the International Federation for the surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders, XIII World Congress held in Buenos Aires, Argentina (September 2008)
  • Faculty in laparoscopic surgery course at Centro Laparoscopico de Barcelona, Medical Center Bellvitge, Spain

Click on the hyperlink to read more on the Puerto Vallarta bariatric surgeon.

What is Gastric Plication Surgery?

  • Gastric plication is also referred to as gastric imbrication.
  • It is a restrictive weight loss surgery which involves folding the stomach into itself using staples to reduce capacity of the stomach to hold food.
  • The procedure does not involve implantation of any medical device (as in the case of lap banding) or removal of stomach tissue (as in the case of gastric sleeve surgery).
  • Gastric Plication has not yet been approved by the FDA (Food and drug Administration, USA) and is not widely performed in the USA.
  • However, a number of surgeons in the prime Mexican cities already have ample experience performing this relatively novel weight loss procedure.
  • To qualify for gastric plication with MTC, your body mass index (BMI) should exceed 30 (with some exceptions for a lower BMI).
  • Our surgeon would review your medical questionnaire to decide if you qualify for gastric plication or not.

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