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Finger Joint Replacement Surgery – Orthopedic Surgeon, India

In this video, the head of the orthopedics and joint reconstruction in a reputed hospital in India talks about finger joint surgeries.

Video Narration

“Now moving away are the cleft from the extremity which is the…be it the elbow joints, be it the shoulder joints or to the extent of…joints and finger joints also. We are getting a lot of patients who have advanced Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is a crippling arthritis in which the fingers get deformed and malfunctioning and in those cases one of the very good things to offer them for improvising the quality of life is to give them the option of finger joint replacement, that could give you functional finger joints, grip strength and power that they can achieve to manage the daily course of their life. Majority of these finger joint implants are silistic joints, flexible joints that would give you rough amount of ability to go through the daily course of life. It can be, like in a post-traumatic case a few joints though a complex case like rheumatoid where you have to change all the joints, it’s a variability we need to assess. So it’s a combination of joint replacement and soft tissue corrections also that go tandem and hand in hand.”

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