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Failure of Dental Implants Explained by Cancun Dental Specialist

Today Americans and Canadians are opting for dental implants in Mexico owing to the glaring cost difference. However, like every procedure, dental implants can also fail. In this video we find out about the failure of dental implants as explained by Dr. Joaquin Berrón, a highly experienced dental surgeon at a top dental clinic in Cancun, Mexico.


Video Transcription

“So, the guarantee in our treatments, for example, in the implant area is that there is a 96-98% of success. If, by any chance, that case is has gone in that 2-4% of non-success, we probably do this – add no charge to it. If we need to graft, we graft. Then, we will replace the implant, if it needs to be replaced, depending on what the case shows.

“We will do that at no cost to the patient, if we need to do an implant if they think it failed. And of course this is within the first few months. After mid-x amount of years, then it becomes a shared thing because of course, once an implant in functioning well, the patient needs to take care of it too.

“So, for that 2-4% of implants that are idiopathic and failed, meaning that we don’t know exactly why, there have been cases where we have replaced two implants where one was slightly out and one is perfect and the other one doesn’t tick. We redo that implant and it takes after that.

In literature, there isn’t really anything that shows exactly why the implants fail but the only thing is to follow every time the protocol that you need to follow – slow drilling, a lot of irrigation, not to warm up the bone, right positioning of the implant, right loading of the implant. As long as you do those steps, you will have very little problems.

Check out this video on dental work in Cancun to know more about the different dental treatments available there. It is important to research well into the accreditations and ranking of dental clinics in Mexico to make sure that only good quality dental service is provided. Another way to make sure your dental clinic of choice is safe is to go through patient testimonials.

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