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Dental Treatment in Monterrey, Mexico: Affordable and Safe?

All-on-4 Implants starting at $9,000 (USD) only!

Monterrey is emerging as a favorite dental treatment destination among US citizens. Do you know why? Because dental work here is cost-effective, and of high quality. So the next time you worry about saving money for expensive dentistry, consider going to Monterrey instead.

Concerned about safety? Read this article to find the best, globally recognized dentists in Monterrey. Know their educational qualification, achievements and decide which one is best for you.

Is Monterrey an Answer to a Cost-Effective Dental Treatment?

Waiting for Insurance to Cover Your Dental Cost? Go to Monterrey Instead!

Monterrey attracts thousands of medical tourists from the US and Canada. Proximal to the US, it offers convenient travel and affordable dental services. So, considering Monterrey for dental procedures is worth the trip!

The cost of dental work lowers to half or even less than what you might pay in the US or Canada. To understand better, have a look at the cost comparison table below.

Dental Work Avg. Cost Comparison (USD)

Dental Procedure USA Canada Monterrey
Titanium implants including abutment $5,000 $3,000 $800
All-on-4 Implants with Fixed Hybrid Acrylic Bridge per jaw $24,000 $22,000 $9,000
All-on-6 Implants with Fixed Hybrid Acrylic Bridge per jaw $28,000 $26,000 $12,000
All-on-8 Implants with Fixed Hybrid Acrylic Bridge per jaw $29,500 $30,000 $13,000
Porcelain Veneer $2,500 $2,300 $650
Snap-on Denture (per arch) $2,000 $1,840 $500
Root Canal $15,000 $1,300 $350
Laser Teeth Whitening $1,500 $1,380 $200
The recommended clinic uses Implant Brand- Hiossen®.
Call our case managers today to get a customized plan.

Thus, the same brand implants that cost a bomb in the states are affordable in Monterrey clinics.

As you can see in the table above, procedure prices differ nearly 70% compared to the US and Canada prices. Dental implants that may cost you about $24,000 to $28,000 in the states cost only $12,000 to $13,000 in Monterrey.

As you move to Mexican cities, healthcare gets cheaper and affordable. Yet, the quality of care you receive in these cities is extraordinary. So, dentistry in Monterrey means the use of modern equipment, experienced medical staff and everything tailored to fit all budgets.

Why is Dental Work Cheap in Monterrey?

In Mexico, the health care system is not profit-driven.[2]International Living Mexican Healthcare Is Excellent and Affordable “The primary difference and one that is usually quite obvious, is that the care system is not profit driven. Decisions for your care and well-being are not filtered through or guided by any profit motive.” View in Article So the healthcare staff offers their best services at a fraction of the price.

A few reasons why you will get dental care at lower prices in Monterrey are-

  • Lower cost of living and cheaper real estate contribute to Mexico’s cheaper healthcare.[3]Academy of General Dentistry Worth the Trip? A Look at Dental Tourism “In a country like Mexico, the cost of living is significantly less compared with the United States and Canada, making it much more feasible for dentists to own and operate a practice.” View in Article
  • Mexican Government subsidizes students’ education. It amounts to a lesser burden of student debts.[4]Academy of General Dentistry Worth the Trip? A Look at Dental Tourism “Mexican dentists also carry less student loan debt than U.S. dentists due to government subsidies.” View in Article
  • Dental clinics in Monterrey are not in fancy or high-end premises that result in the hefty cost of procedures as in the US.

Why Visit a Dentist in Monterrey?

Looking for an English-speaking dentist in a foreign land? Well, you can have this, high savings, faster treatment, and much more in Monterrey. Here is how choosing Monterey for Dental Treatment could be beneficial to you-

It Saves you a lot of money

  • 50% to 70% lower cost of dental procedures is one prime reason to choose Monterrey for a dental tour.
  • You can pay out of pocket. There is no need to wait for insurance. Neither are the procedures so expensive.
  • A lower cost of living also means affordable stay and reasonable lodging expenses.

High-quality dental work from trained professionals

  • Monterrey clinics use the latest technology equipment for dental procedures.
  • The practitioners are experienced and handle each case with utmost care.

Faster procedures with great results

  • All the multi-facilities are under one roof, so you need not run from place to place for various treatments.
  • The procedures are fast-paced due to the presence of in-house dental labs.
  • Dentists follow up well. They make sure everything is fit and looks good.[5]International Living Mexican Healthcare Is Excellent and Affordable “Doctors take plenty of time with you and a large number still perform house visits for patients.” View in Article

English-speaking doctors and staff

  • Dentists in Monterrey are fluent in English. And so is the medical staff.
  • Monterrey has an influx of medical tourists from the US and Canada. This has minimized the language barrier.
  • Because of proximity with the US, Monterrey culture is an amalgamation of Mexican and American.

Rejuvenating Dental Vacation

  • Monterrey is surrounded by natural beauty.
  • You can have a day trip around the city hotspots, visit local museums and malls.
  • Or go for an exhilarating mountain trail sightseeing surrounding this beautiful city.

Hence, be sure to receive excellent quality care and personal attention from the medical staff despite the lower cost and have a relaxing dental vacation in Monterrey.

Common Dental Procedures in Monterrey, Mexico

1. Dental Implants in Monterrey, Mexico

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots inserted into the jawline that fuses with the jawbone to hold a dental crown or bridge. The implants are usually made of titanium, as they integrate easily with the bone. With growing technology, implants offer a 98% success rate.[1]Medicinenet What are dental implants? “Dental implants have become a favored option for tooth replacement because they offer a conservative approach and provide predictable results with success rates close to 98%.” View in Article

Depending upon your case history, you can opt for All-on-4, All-on-6, or All-on-8 implants. Implants replace missing teeth on the fully edentulous or toothless arch.

All-on-4 Implants

  • In this procedure, the entire arch of teeth is set on 4 implants.
  • All-on-4 implants restore a full edentulous as well as a toothless arch.
  • The process involves inserting two implants at 45 degrees angle and the other two straight in the jaw.
  • All-on-4 dental implants cost only $12,000 in Monterrey.

All-on-8 Implants

  • When the entire arch of teeth is set on 8 implants, it is All-on-8 implants.
  • Edentulous patients with jawbones strong enough to hold 8 implants find this procedure more beneficial.
  • The process involves the insertion of implants at right angles in the jaw.
  • All-on-8 implants in Monterrey cost only $14,000.

2. Affordable Dental Crowns in Monterrey

This procedure offers a solution to chipped, broken, or even missing teeth. Dental crowns are tooth caps of porcelain, ceramic, porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM), or zirconium. Based on your case history and preference, you can get dental crowns that fit your budget and offer you a bright smile.

Depending upon the material, dental crowns in Monterrey range between $700 to $1,200.

3. Porcelain Veneers in Monterrey, Mexico

Veneers also offer a cost-effective solution to chipped, broken, or misshapen teeth. Dental veneers give you that flawless smile by covering spaces or cracks between teeth or worn tooth enamel.

Don’t be surprised when you find out that porcelain veneers start at just $650 in Monterrey.

4.9 Star Rated Top Dental Clinic in Monterrey

Dentistas Teran (Centro Médico Dental Tecnológico)

Dentistas Teran, Clinic in Monterrey

Located in the South of Monterrey, Mexico, Dentistas Teran is a reputed fully functional dental facility. It has been catering to the patient’s needs for 50 years. Denistas Teran uses state-of-the-art technology to offer high-quality dental services.

Recognitions of the Clinic

  • Secretary of Health of the State of Nuevo Léon
  • Mexican Dental Association
  • Nuevo León Dental Association
  • College of Nuevo León Orthodontics
  • Mexican Association of Orthodontics
  • Mexican Association of Periodontology

Dentistas Teran Clinic Special Features

  • Uses modern methods for dental care like computer anesthesia, video diagnosis, laser, etc.
  • Has a radiological cabinet
  • Dentists with over a decade of professional experience.
  • Staff and doctors experienced in handling patients from overseas.
  • Offers convenient payment options including credit and debit cards, Amex, visa cards.
  • Offers day-implant procedures
  • Free consultation post-treatment

Give us a call to plan your dental treatment with Dentistas Teran.

Top Dentists in Monterrey

Dr. Gerardo Teran Garcia

Dr. Gerardo Teran Garcia specializes in orthodontics and is a chief dentist at Dentistas Teran.

Dr. Gerardo Teran Garcia


  • Certified by the Mexican Council of Orthodontics.
  • Member of the Council of Orthodontics of Nuevo León.
  • Member of the Mexican Association of Orthodontics.


  • Master of Dental Sciences with Specialty in Orthodontist, UANL
  • Master of postgraduate orthodontics, UANL

Dr. Gerardo Teran Garcia can speak English and Spanish.

The expert team of doctors supporting Dr. Garcia includes dentists from different specialties:

Dr. Gerardo Teran Zambrano

Dr. Gerardo Teran Zambrano
Dr. Gerardo Zambrano
  • A UANL (Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León) Dental Surgeon
  • Founding member of the College of Dental Surgeons of Edo
  • Member of the College of Dental Surgeons IMSS private practice

Dr. Juan Eduerdo Arizpe

  • DDS. Dental School, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Univerity of Osaka, Japan
  • Member of Mexican Association of Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Alejandro Flores

  • DDS. Dental School, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon
  • Member of Mexican Dental Association
  • Prosthodontist, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon

Dra. Gabriela Gonzalez

  • DDS. Dental School, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon
  • Member of the Mexican Association of Endodontics
  • Endodontist, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon

Dr. Olga Nelly Teran

Dr. Olga Nelly Teran
Dr. Olga Teran
  • DDS. Dental School, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon
  • Pediatric Dentistry, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon
  • Member of Mexican Association of Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Jorge Arturo Gutierrez

  • DDS. Dental School, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon
  • Periodontist, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon
  • Member of Mexican Association of Periodontology

Dra. Rosamaria Villarreal

  • DDS. Dental School, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon
  • Member of the Mexican Association of Endodontics
  • Endodontist, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon

Dra. Sagrario Lisette

  • DDS. Dental School, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon
  • Member of the Mexican Association

How to Reach Monterrey, Mexico?

Monterrey is in proximity to the US border. Hence traveling via air, road, and train is quite convenient from the US. The air connectivity is also good from Monterey to the major cities of Canada and the US.

Flight Map of Monterrey

After arriving in Monterrey, you will have to fill out a tourist card at the port of entry.

Traveling to Monterrey by Air

Monterrey has two international airports-

  • General Mariano Escobedo International Airport (MTY)
  • Del Norte International Airport (NTR)

Many low-cost airlines operate within Monterrey and the major cities. Find the list of traveling time and flights from some major cities below.

City Duration No. of Stops
San Antonio 01 hr 15 min Non-stop
Houston 01 hr 30 min Non-stop
Atlanta 02 hr 39 min Non-stop
Chicago 03 hr 25 min Non-stop
Miami 03 hr 00 min Non-stop
Dallas 01 hr 47 min Non-stop
Vancouver 10 hr 43 min 1 stop
Toronto 06 hr 29 min 1 stop

Important Information for US Residents traveling to Monterrey

  • All US residents need to carry a valid passport.
  • You can take a flight or travel by road.
  • You need to buy Mexican auto insurance to drive in Monterrey

Important Information for Canadian Residents traveling to Monterrey

  • Canadian residents need to have a valid passport for travel.
  • You can travel visa-free to Monterrey from Canada for six months.

How to Contact US Embassy in Monterrey Canada Embassy in Monterrey
Phone (From Mexico) 01-81-8047-3100 81-2088-3200 and 81-2088-3201
Phone (From the U.S./ Canada) 011-52-81-8047-3100 011-52 81-2088-3200/ 81-2088-3201
Or visit-

Is Monterrey Safe for Dental Tourism?

Monterrey is the third-largest city in Mexico and is considered safe the tourists.[6]Trip Advisor How Safe Is It right now to be in Monterrey “I just got back from Monterrey a couple weeks ago and had a great time. I have family there but I speak very little Spanish. Everyone in Monterrey was very friendly and the food was amazing. “ View in Article Although, US and Canada advisories do not recommend travel in some parts of Mexico. Overall you’ll find that is safe to travel to Monterrey with alertness.[7] Moving to Monterrey “Overall Monterrey is a safe place to live, however taking basic measures and avoiding run-down areas, particularly after dark is highly advisable. While driving in the city is considered safe, it’s not recommended to drive outside…” View in Article As it is a center for trade, education, and transport, it already sees a good tourist influx.

Places to Visit in Monterrey

Nestled amidst beautiful mountains, Monterrey offers exceptional scenic spots for sightseeing. The capital city of Nuevo León also offers a cultural spectacle. Here are a few places in Monterrey to turn your dental vacation into a rejuvenating gateway.

1. Garcia Caves

Explore one of the largest cave systems in Mexico. The fascinating trail of caves that partway up the 1,080-meter-tall El Fraile mountain.

How to reach- Short drive northeast of Monterrey, you will arrive in the small town of Garcia. Then, you can take a cable car ride to Garcia caves. The delightful ride offers a scenic view of the countryside.

Garcia Caves, Monterrey Tourism
Garcia Caves, Monterrey

Distance from the clinic- Grutas de Garcia is 29 miles away from the clinic and a barely 55 minutes drive.

2. Monterrey’s Macroplaza

If you are planning a city tour in Monterrey, the best place to start with is Macroplaza. It is the 4th largest public square in the world. But that is not the only reason why start a city tour from Macroplaza. It is in proximity to most of the other places to visit in Monterrey. You can either walk or take a subway from Macroplaza to reach the other local tourist spots of the city.

Monterrey’s Macroplaza, Mexico Tourism
Monterrey’s Macroplaza

Distance from Clinic: The clinic is just 2.6 miles from Macroplaza.

3. La Purísima Church

If you want to witness modern sacral architecture, La Purisima Church is a must-visit. Built in 1946, the church has marvelous sculptures on the outside with beautiful interior decor.

To reach La Purisima Church, hike a ride to the west of Gran Plaza at the junction of Avda Padre Mier and C Serafin Peña.

La Purísima Church, Monterrey, Mexico Tourism
La Purísima Church, Monterrey

Distance from the clinic- La Purisima is only a 17 minutes drive from the clinic and 7.4 miles away.


  • How much are dental implants in Monterrey, Mexico?
  • Can I get single-day implants in Monterrey?
  • Is Monterrey dental clinic using latest technology?
  • How can I pay for my dental treatment in Monterrey?
  • Is it mandatory to have a passport if traveling from the US to Monterrey?
How much are dental implants in Monterrey, Mexico?

The implants in Monterrey cost you between $800 to $13,000. But the same procedures range between $5,000 to $28,000 in the states or Canada. Our partner clinics in Monterrey use the same brand implants as in the states.

  • Single Implant: $800-$1,000 per unit
  • All-on-4 Implants: $9,1000-12,000 per arch
  • All-on-6 Implants: $12,000-13,000 per arch
  • All-on-8 Implants: $13,000-14,000 per arch
  • Full Mouth Restoration using Implants: $18,000-28,000 (both jaws)
Can I get single-day implants in Monterrey?

Yes. Monterrey clinics offer same-day dental implants. Depending upon your case history and bone density, you may ask for same-day or immediate load implants. Cost of procedure may range between $800-$14,000 depending on no. of implants and technique employed.

Is Monterrey dental clinic using latest technology?

Yes. Dentistas Teran uses state-of-the-art technology and the latest medical devices for dental procedures. They also have an in-house lab to pace up the dental treatments. Having everything under one roof makes the entire procedure convenient and fast. Moreover, the patients can be sure of getting world-class care from the hands of experts in the field.

How can I pay for my dental treatment in Monterrey?

You can choose to pay by card or cash for your dental treatment in Monterrey. Our partner clinic accepts payments via credit, debit, Amex, or Visa card, and cash.

Moreover, the procedure costs are low, so you don’t have to worry about the insurance to cover your dental treatment.

Is it mandatory to have a passport if traveling from the US to Monterrey?

Tourists from the US must have a valid passport or passport card to travel to Monterrey along with a Visa. On the other hand, Canadian residents can travel visa-free to Monterrey with a valid national passport for six months.


Going across the border for dental procedures may feel complicated. However, Monterrey offers excellent quality, affordable dental care. Moreover, when you choose us, we do most of the work for you.

You can book the best dental clinics for the most complicated dental procedures with us. We assist in arranging for your perfect dental trip! With us, you can bring to life your dream of returning home with a flawless smile.

Alongside, a rejuvenating family vacation will give you all the more reasons to flaunt your perfect smile!

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