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Dental Implants Specialist in Cancun, Mexico

The video shows a top dental implant surgeon from Cancun talking about his education and experience. Here’s the video narration.

Narration – “I lived in Mexico city almost all my life until I was like 27. In Mexico City I did my Pre- Grad and Post-Grad studies and then I moved to Cancun. I had a practice there for 18 years now, almost 20 now but couple of years that I’ve been here. And then 3 years, I moved to New Orleans to do implant fellowship and now I’m coordinating that implant aesthetic fellowship in the Post-Grad, prosthodontic Post-Grad, at the LSU.”

Cancun is emerging as a low cost cosmetic dental capital of Mexico. But, is cosmetic dentistry in Cancun, Mexico value for money? Undeniably, yes since Cancun offers US-like dentistry at almost half the price they charge in the States. Like the dentist featured in the video, best cosmetic dentists in the city hold prestigious US fellowships/degrees.

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