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Dental Implant Surgeons in Los Algodones, Mexico

Owing to the high cost of dental services in the United States and Canada, many people travel across the border to Mexico to avail of dental services that do not burn big holes in their pockets.

In the video below, the assistant of our network dental clinic in Algodones talks about the Mexican dentists near Yuma, AZ working with their group and their specializations. Below is the video narration:

“Well, the group has been working for over 25 years. And in town has been working for over 10 years. We have 3 facilities, 3 in town plus the one in Guadalajara. And also I wanted to say that we have over 35 employees to the patients’ service in this clinic, that’s including lab, x-rays room, of course front desk and diagnostic. The assistants in over, were, we have downstairs is the clinic; upstairs is administration and also the lab. So, it’s a bit real huge, a very big group. Yeah, we have doctor for the implants. She have her course taken in Korea. And she went to… California just couple of weeks ago. She’s a very good doctor; she has been here for a very long time and she really enjoys what she does.”

“We also have doc which is a specialist in laser, he also does braces. And also implants where he is paid per patient, is laser. We also have doctor which is a specialist and certified in root canals, and he does a root canal after the other. He really enjoys doing that. We have doctor which is the specialist of removables. He was the main doctor’s teacher, before he was going to be odontologist. And also have doctor which is a general doctor. She does the fillings, cleanings, bridges, and you know crowns, rehabilitations.”

“And doctor that really enjoys cosmetic. He has been doing it for many years and he’s been here for many years also. And he has a specialty in cosmetic practices, you know. But he took, he took some, he studied in the United States as well. As comparable to the doctors in town, they are very good doctors, but they are general doctors. So, if a patient for example comes to get two root canals, one implant and three crowns, or a bridge or whatever, they are gonna be served by same doctor. Here you get a specialist for different areas. We have a specialist, only a doctor that is certified would do your root canals, a doctor that is specialist would do your implant and a different doctor would do your crowns. Because we have doctors specialized in different areas. So depending on your needs, we’re gonna transfer you to one of them.”

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