All-on-6, All-on-8 Dental Implants in Cancun, Mexico

The video shows a leading dental implants specialist in Cancun discussing how all-on-4, all-on-6, and all-on-8 dental implants can be used for full mouth restoration. Following is the narration of the video.

Narration: “The all-on-4 procedure is a procedure that was started Dr Paulo Malo in Portugal and basically he was talking about with four implants being able to load a full arch of teeth. The concept…it does work but sometimes something can go wrong, there’s always a percentage. We have 98 percent of success with implants but if the patient that is seeking a full arch with all-on-4 falls within that 2 percent of implants that fail, that’s why we call it all-on-4 or nothing on three meaning that with three implants a patient cannot have a fully loaded arch.

So in our mind, in our way of doing things we like to have at least five implants on the lower if possible, if not 6 because on the lower mandible it’s a lot, the success rate of implants is between the mental..front part of the mental is very high because the quality of the bone is excellent there usually, 1 or 2 type bone meaning very strong bone. We like to place those two implants, if possible, further back. This allows us to distribute the forces in a much better way.

On the upper, the upper maxilla is a completely another story, upper maxilla is type 3 or 4 bone meaning it’s soft bone. So, of course, if you’re gonna cement a house in a muddy place you wanna have lots of support, right? It is exactly the same story with implants. If you’re placing the implants in a very soft bone you wanna have more implants to get you the in order to distribute the force between those implants.

So, in our practice we almost or I could say, never load full arch in 4 implants on the upper. We do at least 6 or if possible 8. And this will allow us to have ability in case something goes wrong with that implant, that can always happen, we can still deliver the patient the type of prosthesis they’re seeking for. A fully attached implant prosthesis that is fixed and not removable in your mouth.”

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