In this video, a renowned bariatric and general surgeon from Las Vegas talks about gall bladder stone removal surgery in the hospital.

He explains how stones in gall bladder are formed and how they create obstructions or infections resulting in pain. Patients, who previously had bariatric surgery, are commonly affected by these problems.

Check out the video in which the surgeon talks about the treatment of stones by removing the gall bladder from the stomach.

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Gall Bladder Surgery in Las Vegas

Video Narration of Bariatric and General Surgeon

“I am Bariatric and general surgeon. I completed fellowship at USC in advanced laparoscopic surgery.

We address a lot of complicated general surgeries such as complicated hernias and also complicated gall bladder disease. Although most of my practice is in bariatrics but I still do these procedures.

The gall bladder is a bag which stores bile. Bile is needed to digest the food that we eat, and usually what happens is that we develop stones in the bile, crystallization forms in the bile because the concentrations aren’t right and you get stones formed.

Once you get stones in the gall bladder, they aren’t going away. Now stones by themselves don’t cause any problems but if the stones get stuck, or if they cause pain or obstructions or infections then these problems are needed to be treated by removing the gall bladder.

So for example we see it with patients who had weight loss surgery and lost lot of weight and can develop gall bladder problems more commonly than the average person.

Those poor people are more prone to having a gall bladder pain and gall bladder infection, which needs the gall bladder taken out.

Removing the gall bladder, I have removed hundreds and hundreds of gall bladder and no one has asked for it back.

The gall bladder is involved in digesting fat, probably the most common thing I do here from patients is that they cant eat a lot of fatty foods it wants, the double cheese burger doesn’t digest.

Well, guess what, we probably shouldn’t be eating a double cheese burger anyways.

So other than that, no one has asked for the gall bladder back. People do just fine without it. The bile is still produced by the liver and the bile is still transported into the testins, its just not stored in the gall bladder anymore.”

The surgeon in the video has done countless gall bladder surgeries and is an expert in it. He explains how the bail produced in the liver after the surgery, does not get stored in the gall bladder. Therefore, not allowing the formation of stones.

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