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CCSVI Treatment in India: Pros and Cons

The debate on CCSVI and Multiple Sclerosis is still ongoing. However, Multiple Sclerosis patients across the globe have started seeking the Zamboni Procedure for CCSVI. If you are considering CCSVI treatment in India, the below mentioned analysis of the benefits and risks of our CCSVI Program in India, will be helpful.

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Benefits of CCSVI treatment in India:

  • Liberation treatment for Multiple Sclerosis is still in its experimental phase. The procedure had no approval from the FDA, as of December 2010. Therefore, it is offered at very few places. We are offering CCSVI treatment for MS in India and several other locations.
  • Medical Tourism Co is working with an experienced neurosurgeon to offer CCSVI Treatment in India. He is a well-informed surgeon who closely monitors the worldwide developments associated with CCSVI, and has been to a popular clinic in Poland for gaining first-hand knowledge and experience in CCSVI.
  • CCSVI treatment in India is offered at a pre-screened, state-of-the-art hospital. The hospital has one of the first neuro-sciences team in the world to offer this treatment. The team consists of neurologists, neurosurgeons, cardiologists, and radiologists.
  • English-speaking medical staff is available in major Indian hospitals.
  • The cost of MS treatment in India is affordable. We are offering it at US$ 5600-7500. Stents will be charged separately.
  • Long waiting lines in their countries may have disheartened many MS patients across the globe, but for such patients India is the ideal option. We offer the treatment on immediate basis.

Disadvantages of CCSVI Treatment in India:

  • Traveling may be difficult for many MS patients.
  • Medical tourists should have a valid passport and visa for traveling to India.

Passport and visa assistance is provided to the wiling patients. We take special care of patient comfort and convenience and try to provide the best quality treatment for CCSVI in India, making pleasant experience for our clients.


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