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Breast Augmentation Cancun – Mexico

Breast Augmentationmedical tourism in Mexico can help those who want to improve their appearance without breaking the bank.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast enhancement was the top surgical procedure in 2011 in the United States—up 4% from 2010.

Altogether, there were 307,180 breast enhancement procedures done in the US in 2011. Unfortunately, the high demand for breast surgery in the United States also comes with high prices.

The boob job cost in Cancun – Mexico is only a fraction of what one would cost in the United States. Additionally, when you come in for a boob job in Cancun, Mexico, you will be receiving quality surgery from a world-renowned plastic surgeon.

Many medical tourists also enjoy relaxing at Cancun’s famous beaches and swimming in its crystal clear waters.

Pros of Breast Augmentation in Cancun – Mexico

As mentioned above, the cost of boob enhancement in Cancun, Mexico is inexpensive compared to its cost in the United States.

  • The low costs are because of the lower cost of living in Cancun and also the lack of steep overhead costs that United States doctors must pay.
  • If you are seeking to combine procedures, such as incorporating a mini facelift in Cancun, with your breast augmentation, you can save on additional costs by foregoing expensive U.S. medical prices. Even considering travel costs, it would be cheaper to get multiple surgeries in Mexico than in the United States.
  • You will find facilities providing breast implants in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico which use the latest technology and medical equipment. The medical standards in Cancun are comparable to those found in the medical facilities in the United States.
  • When it comes to breast augmentation in Cancun – Mexico, you do not have to fear a language barrier. You will find plastic surgeons in Cancun who can converse in English in addition to Spanish. This is due in part to the large amount of tourists who visit from the United States. In the USA Today article “Cancun: Is it safe for visitors?” written by Kitty Bean Yancey and published on April 14, 2011, Cancun reports that 5.9 million international visitors traveled to the city in 2010.
  • There is minimal to no waiting time for surgical procedures in Cancun.

Useful Tips on Traveling for Boob Implants in Cancun, Mexico

  • Hard Rock Cafe in CancunFollowing up is important when it comes to boob enlargement in Cancun, Mexico. You should make sure to plan for follow up care for when you return to your native country. This will help ensure that your breast implants are healing properly.
  • Be it a boob job or hip resurfacing in Mexico, traveling for a medical treatment requires a certain amount of recovery time. If you are planning to stay in Cancun for a while, you may want to bring a travel companion along to combat loneliness.
  • While the expanse of medical tourism in Cancun has been beneficial in many ways, some of the expansion may also include dubious medical facilities. Thus, it is important that you ask for patient feedback, check the hospital’s accreditations, and look for reviews online.

Planning for travel around Cancun will help ensure that you get to visit every tourist attraction that you wanted to.

Tourist Activities in Cancun – Mexico

  • After your breast augmentation surgery in Cancun, Mexico, you may find it favorable to recover with a massage from a Cancun spa.
  • Snorkeling and kayaking are popular tourist activities in Cancun that you can consider before your surgery, of course.
  • Cancun has plenty of dolphinariums for tourists who have always wanted to go swimming with dolphins.
  • For history buffs, there are numerous Mayan Ruins sites that one may visit. One such site is the El Meco Ruins, a historical trading port from centuries ago.
  • The Cancun Underwater Museum is unique in that you must dive, boat, or snorkel in order to reach this habitat for tropical fish.

If you are seeking the enhancement of the size of your chest, breast augmentation in Cancun, Mexico could be an easy-on-the-pocket option. Affordable medical tourism in Cancun can help provide you with high quality surgery, low prices, and the added perks of a vacation.


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