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Breast Reduction in Bangalore, India

Many women seek ways and means to improve and increase their breast size. However, what many may not realize is that others may have the opposite problem. The truth is there are women, and even men, who find their breasts too large for their liking. And those who cannot afford such expensive cosmetic surgeries in their native countries can opt for breast reduction in Bangalore, India.

Breast Reduction - Bangalore

Cosmetic surgery in India is being opted for by many people from the US, Canada, Australia, and European countries as the service here easily available and much affordable.

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Information about Breast Reduction Surgery

Before you head-out to Bangalore for breast reduction surgery, it is imperative that you know what it entails. The below information may be of help:

  • According to, breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty is performed in order to remove excess fat, glandular tissue and skin. The goal of breast reduction surgery is always to achieve a breast size that is in proportion with the body, as well as to alleviate certain discomforts that may come with having overly large breasts.
  • A typical breast reduction procedure is performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon can remove some breast tissue, as well as skin during the procedure. The nipples may also be repositioned and moved higher for aesthetic reasons.
  • It is normal to experience some pain and discomfort after breast reduction surgery. The average recovery period is anywhere from one to two weeks, although scars and bruises may take months to disappear.

Advantages of Breast Reduction in Bangalore

Ofcourse, you know that liposuction of the breast will come at a discounted price in Bangalore but there are also some other benefits to take note of:

  • The low breast reduction surgery cost in Bangalore, India is not the only reason to consider getting the procedure there. Going to a foreign land allows for the much-desired privacy in such procedures.  Some people, especially men, are embarrassed of cosmetic surgery. Female and male breast reduction in Bangalore, India, can be done away from the prying eyes of your neighbors and friends.
  • Getting gyconemastia surgery in Bangalore means that you will be under the safe hands of a skilled doctor. Doctors in India undergo exhaustive training and treat a larger number of patients, on average, than their Western counterparts, which adds to their experience in their respective fields.
  • Unlike many Western countries, there is no waiting time for reduction mammoplasty in Bangalore, India. One can get it right away, so that back pain, if any, and other issues of discomfort can be immediately addressed.

Are you a Candidate for Breast Reduction?

While cosmetic surgeries are usually done for the aesthetic satisfaction of an individual, below are some categories of people that seek breast reduction most often.

  • Those who have breasts too large for their body with nipples that point forward
  • Those who have unevenly sized breasts
  • Those who suffer from back or neck pain due to their breasts
  • Those that experience dissatisfaction or self consciousness about their large breasts.
The Attara Kacheri - Bangalore-India

Bangalore Travel Tips

Are the low gynecomastia surgery costs in India making you think about getting the surgery done there? Here are a few travel tips that will be useful on your India trip.

  • Although Bangalore is known to have a pleasant weather all 12-months, for Westerners used to cold climate, it is advisable to visit the city during its winter season, which lasts from October-end to mid-March.
  • The low cost of breast reduction surgery in India has made it an attractive option for many tourists. If you think you can stretch your budget a little, you may just use this opportunity to explore the mystical land.
  • Avoid street food, and opt for bottled water
  • Credit cards are accepted in malls and many medical facilities. However, arm yourself with some cash, if you intend to go shopping for souvenirs or indulge in some street shopping. If at it, don’t forget to haggle.
  • Local transport in a big city like Bangalore should not be a problem, but to avoid getting duped, you may have to ask your hotel people about the best way to get to your desired location.

For patients who want to save money on their breast reduction surgeries, Bangalore is a worthy consideration. Not only are costs low, but the city is home to world class hospitals, talented doctors, and extremely competent staff.

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