Why I Took A Dental Trip To Mexico

The video shows a California resident discussing all her reasons to bypass dental treatment in her home country and to come to Mexico for dental work instead.


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Narration – “My name is Glynn Vickers. Originally I am from Britain and I have lived in California forty five years. I settled my accent. I was a homemaker for 21 years, then I was in business for 21 years. My business was pest control business, okay, and I started the business for years and then my husband came into business with me and we remained…..together. He died and I have been a widow now for seventeen years.

“I have five children, very good family and very happy with them, nine grandchildren and I really am happy woman. I live in palm desert and I have lived in a number of places in Southern California. I think the weather is beautiful, you know I can’t wish for better life than I have. I really have friends and I live in Suncity in Palm Desert.

“Dr. David, a retired doctor, he came and told me about this place. He comes here. So I thought I am going to go and because I have been paying quite a bit money for teeth and I have big trouble in my mouth. So, I kind of figured what it’s going to cost me, thousands and thousands of dollars. That’s why I came here.”

In another video testimonial, services at Los Algodones Dental Clinic are reviewed, which is becoming a clinic of choice to millions of Americans seeking affordable dentistry in Mexico.

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