What Makes Cancun a Great Dental Tourism Destination

Dr. Joaquin Berrón, the head dental surgeon at Dentaris Dental Center explains why Cancun, a tourist city, has become a great attraction for dental work in Mexico. Cancun is one of the safest cities in Mexico and welcomes about a million tourists every year. This city is known for its beaches, resorts and nightlife.

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Video Transcription

“My hometown is Cancun, of course. The great thing about Cancun is that the infrastructure that we have, being a tourist place, is great! You have great connections, talking about flights. You have direct flights from most of the major cities in the US. You have great hotels, so extensive variety to choose from.

Funnily enough, it is one of the safest places in Mexico. I know that Mexico sometimes does not havesuch a good reputation about safety but in Cancun, you will never hear something wrong with any of our tourists because we take care of them very much…

Now, of course the beauty of Cancun… the beaches and the parks that we have, is something that you should experience. The Caribbean is something beautiful!”

Dr. Joaquin Berrón is a dental expert and has worked in the United States as well. Watch this video on Dentaris Dental Clinic in Cancun, Mexico to get more information about the dental clinic.

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