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Vaginoplasty in Bangkok Hospital


In this video, a leading female gynecologist and obstetrician in Thailand hospital talks about Vaginoplasty in Bangkok Hospital, Thailand.

Video Narration

“I finished specialty for obstetrics and gynecology in the north part of Thailand.  I have been practicing from 22 years.  Attended I has about the vaginal laser rejuvenation.

In Thailand we have two doctors.  First one is plastic surgeon and second one is me and they have did this training in Korea.  The equipment and …. from the United States, the same one.

I am just back from the States now I have started a new center in 2 weeks, so very busy. Steering the process of prepare everything – the paper and a lot of things to fix first and that I will try to start next month.”

Hospitals in Thailand are well equipped with advanced technology and have well trained doctors to treat large number of medical tourists visiting the country every year to avail quality healthcare at affordable cost.

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