Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India – Patient Testimonial

Below is the video testimonial of James R. Bee, a resident of the United States who underwent total knee replacement in India.

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James chose Medical Tourism Corporation to help him have a hassle-free trip to India for his knee surgery. Some of the things he highlights about his whole experience are:

  • Staff was very solicitous with nurses enquiring andchecking regularly
  • Professionally managed surgery
  • Rapid recuperation
  • Modern facilities
  • All the aspects of the total knee replacement trip were satisfactory
  • Was most impressed by the doctors – very competent and have high training and easy to deal with
  • Connected well with surgeon
  • Had constant care
  • Had been to India before felt satisfied
  • Was interesting to see the city of Banglore after the surgery

The average total knee replacement cost in India is about 80% less than in the USA. We work some of the best orthopedic surgeons here to facilitate knee replacement. We work with hospitals which also offer computer-aided total knee replacement.

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