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Testimonial – Services at Los Algodones Dental Clinic

The video shows an Arizona resident talking about her dental experience in Los Algodones. She is all praise for the exhaustive dental service at Los Algodones dental facility.


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Narration – “I had a root canal which was done underneath the bridge I had for forty years, a crown and cleaning. I probably saved about 3000 dollars so far on just this one visit. The place is immaculately clean, no problems, water, they give you all kinds of service. It’s been excellent. I came down here and get…poster painting done. The town itself is a very cute little town, no problems what so ever.”

A lot of patients from Arizona in the US prefer to travel down to Mexico than have the medical or dental procedure done back home. The savings in Mexico are hard to ignore. In another testimonial a Virginia resident reviews laser dental work in Los Algodones, Mexico.

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