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Testimonial – Low Cost Dental Restoration in Algodones

The video shows a Virginia resident sharing her reasons to go for dental restoration in Algodones.


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“Well, I had the lower part done in the United States; too much extraction and but not the cost…Not coming from the United States, I was used to lower cost for medical health, so my brother said why don’t you come back to Europe. So, I went on the internet, started the research and out popped your company.

And so I went online on your company and they sent me information about, well, I had to type in what procedure I wanted done. So, they came back, they had already narrowed down for the clinics…and of course Costa Rica, Mexico, Singapore and I think it was India.”

Medical Tourism Corporation works with the best hospitals in Mexico that offer first world medical care at third world prices.


For patients seeking low cost quality dental work near US Mexico border, Medical Tourism Corporation arranges affordable dental work in Algodones and other Mexican cities. Get a free estimate by filling out the form on the right.

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