Helen’s Cosmetic Work in Cancun

This video testimonial of Helen from England talks about her experience after the cosmetic work in Cancun, Mexico. She had skin cosmetic surgery few years ago at the same cosmetic surgery center in Mexico. The affordable treatment, staff care and plastic surgeon’s quality work made her come back to the same place for liposuction and boobs surgery.

Check out this video in which Helen is all praise for her Cancun plastic surgeon.



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Video Narration of the Testimonial

“Hello, My name is Helen. I am from England but been living in Cancun for almost five years, five years in April. I came here almost two years ago for treatment on my skin and I liked the job that they did. It was very professional so when my looking on my decision to do my boobs, obviously this was one of the place that I checked in too fast. So with the help from Robin and the way they see you down, they explain you everything.

I just did a small area around my knee which is called liposuction and right now its still swollen so I can’t see the results. Because here it’s a lot more cheaper and I think the doctors are just as good if sometimes not better and the service that they give you and the after care if really really good as well.

So I know a lot of people who come here to do the surgery and I am very happy with the results which is why I chose to be here in Mexico rather than flying home and doing it.

Everything was amazing from the beginning when I was asking about it, when I was doing the surgery, right till the end. It was amazing. From the reception staff to the nurses and obviously the surgeon as well. He make me feel very comfortable, when he was measuring me, you know I didn’t feel…

Well, I love Cancun. I have been here for almost five years. So it’s always going to be a second home for me. The way I did things, I wouldn’t do them any different. I had an amazing experience. The only thing I regret is waiting so long to take the decision. Finally I took the decision then after three years, now I wish that I should have taken it earlier.”

Mexican hospitals are well equipped with the latest technology, and have highly skilled surgeons, most of them being internationally trained. The affordable cost of cosmetic surgery in Mexico is one major draw for people who visit the country for the cosmetic work.

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