Testimonial – Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck in Tijuana, Mexico


Breast augmnentation and tummy tuck surgery in Tijuana Mexico is an ideal option for people from different countries like UK, US and Canada to get quality surgical weight loss treatment at affordable price. Cost of cosmetic surgery in Mexico is much less than in other western countries.

In this video, Sarah from Saskatchewan shares her experience of breast augmentation and tummy tuck surgery in Mexico.


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Following is the video narration of Sarah

“My name is Sarah….. and yesterday I had a breast augmentation and tummy tuck. I am 19 years old and I was in school for an year and then I decided that I some fun I guess….. so I started working at a cell phone company and I cell their phones…..

Like I said I am from Saskatchewan…. It’s a small city compared to anywhere in the states… It’s a very smart …. In middle of Canada. Its considered a big city for Canada but here they won’t consider it a big city, has only got hundred and fifty thousand people.

I was always about 192 pounds until I got to grade 10, when I was about 16, then I started dating someone who kind of put me into weird depression and I started gaining a lot of weight. So by the time I was in grade 12 my weight was about 313 pounds and It was really really really hard to get it off…. So I worked it into the….. lap band…

And then I found that this sleeve procedure is available and probably the best one for me if was going to have the procedure. My mom had already previously had the lap band so she knew about it that it was safe.
So last December 10 , about 8 days before, I had my surgery here and I have lost hundred and thirty four pounds so far.

That’s why I came back, I would not probably have felt comfortable anywhere else, for coming here because I knew everybody here and it’s like family.

It was super easy because we don’t have to do anything, all we had to do is call from no. we have got here and Tony came and picked us up and then most people think I am used to it… before most people come here and they are like “oh my God” it’s totally different, but I never once felt like its uncomfortable or scared here from anything. It is just something you have to get used to, where most people have found that, I love it.”

Apart from low cost of cosmetic surgery, well trained doctors and state of art facilities in the hospital makes it a perfect destination for weight loss patients.

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