Stomach Intestinal Pylorus-Sparing Complications – Bariatric Surgeon in Las Vegas

Dr.  Thomas Umbach, one of the top bariatric surgeons in the United States, explains the low complication rates of stomach intestinal pylorus-sparing surgery (SIPS), a new kind of bariatric surgery. We offer attractive packages for stomach intestinal pylorus-sparing surgery in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Video Transcription:

We are talking about the SIPS procedure today. And one of the concerns is the complications. We are currently seeing with this operation because this is a more simple, straight forward operation performed the complication rate around the time of the surgery is going to be less. But even more important long term complication rate is extremely low.

In fact, it is lower than the long term complications for other operations such as the gastric bypass. So, we don’t see the ulcer problems that we see in the gastric bypass. We don’t see the internal herniation risk that we see in the gastric bypass. So, yet another reason why the SIPS procedure seems to have all the benefits and very little problems in the long term.

It has a number of advantages over gastric sleeve, bypass and lap band. Watch this video in which Dr. Umbach explains the benefits of SIPS bariatric surgery.

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