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Stem Cell Transplant for Paralysis in Mexico

Paralysis is the loss of control on voluntary muscles in some part of the body. With paralysis, one may suffer from sensory nerve or motor nerve damage which may be due to a stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, etc.

Stem Cell Transplant for Paralysis

Stem cells are the basic cells of the body which have the power to divide and form new cells with equal potential. Apart from that, these cells can differentiate to perform specific functions like the other nearby-cells.

During paralysis, a person loses a lot of cells and stem cells can help the body to revive the lost cells and their functions. These cells can be extracted from the patient’s own body (autologous) or can be taken from a donor (allogeneic stem cells).

A small study[1]Zhang G, Li Y, Reuss JL, Liu N
Stable Intracerebral Transplantation of Neural Stem Cells for the Treatment of Paralysis Due to Ischemic Stroke.

“Longitudinal MRI studies showed evidence indicating cavity-filling by new neural tissue formation in all nine patients….”
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used Neural Stem Cells for the treatment of paralysis due to stroke. All the 9 patients had their cavity-filling by new neural tissue.

Problems with Paralysis

Apart from lost control over muscles, various other problems also arise with paralysis. These are:

  • Breathing and blood flow problems
  • Loos of bowel and urine control
  • Problems with speaking and swallowing
  • Pressure sores and skin injury
  • Blood clots in legs due to restrictive blood flow etc.


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