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Stem Cell Therapy for Anti-aging in India

Safe, Affordable, Quality Treatment

Are you losing your energy with age? Do you want your youthful skin? Stem cells for aging in India can help you slow down the aging process and preserve your youth and that too without any side-effects.

Stem Cell Doctor on Anti-aging/wrinkle-free treatment in India

We at Medical Tourism Corporation are working with pioneers of stem cells who have bought this cutting edge technology in India. Currently, we offer this treatment in Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, and New Delhi.

Cost of Stem Cell for Aging in India

Ever wondered, “How much is stem cell therapy in Chandigarh, India for aging?”. You’ll be surprised to know that in India, that cost ranges between $5,000 to $30,000*.

The cost depends on the number of sessions, the area of treatment, the severity of the patient’s condition, etc. However, the real cost can only be determined after a medical examination.

*The range is based on virtual resources.

What is Aging?

Every human cell undergoes apoptosis or programmed cell death, and these are replaced by new young cells. When the body’s ability to replenish old cells diminishes, then that process is known as aging.

The onset of aging can be estimated when the body is unable to regenerate injured tissues or organs effectively along with an increased tendency for infections and cancers.[1]Journal of EMBO Reports Stem cells and aging “…The reduced capacity to regenerate injured tissues or organs …most prominent hallmarks of senescence…” View in Article

Why Do We Age?

There are many more reasons why our bodies age. Some of these are discussed below: [2]Developmental Biology: 6th Edition Aging: The Biology of Senescence “…Oxidative damage…One major theory sees our metabolism as the cause of our aging…” View in Article

  • Oxidative damage due to unhealthy dietary habits and lifestyle.
  • Normal wear-and-tear of the cells and tissues.
  • Genetic aging programming or Apoptosis.

Why Stem Cells for Anti-Aging Treatment in India?

Stem cell for anti-aging in India

Stem Cells are human cells that carry remarkable totipotent and pluripotent properties. These help in replacing the old cells by taking up their functional activities.

  • These are unspecialized cells with the ability to divide and renew themselves.
  • Can give rise to specialized cells with proper stimulation, ranging from muscle cells to brain cells.

You should choose Stem Cell Treatment in India due to the following reasons:

  • Safe treatment regimen[3]BMB Reports Online Impact of mesenchymal stem cell senescence on inflammaging “MSCs are considered as a ‘safer source’ for cell therapy with minimal risk of transplanted stem cells forming tumors and becoming cancerous…” View in Article
  • Affordable therapy
  • Expert physicians and scientists customize your treatment according to your present conditions
  • Proven Results

Stem Cells for Skin Rejuvenation

Our skin loses its natural elasticity due to aging. With this, fine lines and wrinkles appear on the forehead, near eyes and lips appear, which eventually gives out the secret of your growing age.

Stem cell therapy for fine lines and wrinkles can help you get your youthful skin back. The treatment is safe and heals your skin naturally.

Check out this video from our expert on “Why Stem Cells are Ideal for Skin Rejuvenation?”

Why Stem Cell Therapy Over Botox?

Botulinum toxin is a popular skin upliftment regime; however, it comes with many side effects. Stem cell therapy is a better approach than Botox therapy in many aspects.

No rejection rate

Stem cell therapy uses your own body cells to treat you. While Botox is a neurotoxic protein produced by bacteria. So, stem cell therapy is purely natural and safe.

Permanent results

With stem cell therapy you do not need any revision therapy. Stem cells have the innate capacity of self-renewal, so they are continuously replaced giving long-term results.

However, botox therapy usually needs revision after 3-4 months.[4]Indian Journal of Dermatology Botulinum Toxin “The weakness induced by injection with botulinum toxin A usually lasts about three months.” View in Article

Painless procedure

While injecting stem cells, you will not feel any pain. Also, unlike botox which needs to be renewed after every 3-4 months, stem cell therapy needs just 3-4 sessions for life-time results.[5]Journal of Advances in Dermatology and Allergology The use of stem cells in aesthetic dermatology and plastic surgery procedures. A compact review of experimental and clinical applications ” ADSCs, was used for scar treatment on 20 patients in another study….this method leads to satisfactory aesthetic and functional results…eliminated the pain and increased scar elasticity.” View in Article

No Side-effects

With botox therapy, one may permanently lose skin elasticity. But stem cells keep the elasticity and collagen support intact and removes the fine lines without any side effect.
Check out what experts have to say about Stem Cell Therapy Vs Botox Therapy

Stem Cell Physician on Why Stem cells are better than Botox?

Procedure for Stem Cells Therapy for Anti-Aging

After the patient has arrived in India and completed a 14-day home-isolation*, stem cell treatment for anti-aging in India can begin immediately.

Session 1: Liposuction

Your doctor will extract stem cells from adipose tissues in your gut. You will receive a prime dose in this session, which will prepare your body for the treatment.

Session 2: Dose 1

For autologous stem cells, the dose preparation may take 2-3 weeks. You will receive all the sessions intravenously (IV) or through micro-punctures in the skin.

Session 3: Dose 2

Your next session will be scheduled between 2- 30 days after dose 1.

Session 4: Dose 3

Usually, dose 3 is the final dose of your treatment. It can be given between 2- 30 days after the second dose.

*(only for patients with travel history)

Benefits: Anti-Aging Stem Cell Treatment

Soon after the first dose of stem cells, you will notice a series of changes in your body.

  • Your energy levels will improve.
  • Your skin will regain its lost elasticity and become softer.[6]Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Autologous Adipose Tissue-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy Improves Skin Photo-Ageing “Adipose-Derived Stem Cell therapy of solar elastosis fully regenerates skin extracellular matrix…” View in Article
  • Your sleep and breathing patterns will improve.
  • Improved libido.
  • Age spots or acne marks will slowly fade away.
  • Wrinkles and fine lines around eyes/lips/forehead will diminish
  • Hair color darkening with increased hair volume.
  • Better blood pressure control and improved vision.

Precautions with Stem Cells

  • Avoid a flight for at least 24 -48 hrs of your stem cell dose.
  • Avoid heavy exercise and weight lifting after 24-72 hrs of your dose.
  • Continue an anti-oxidant rich diet for at least 10-20 days and continue afterward as well.
  • Keep the site of treatment clean and sterile.
  • Avoid alcohol, and smoking as these interfere with the treatment efficacy.
  • Complete all the sessions in the designated time for effective results.

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