Sleeve Gastrectomy Success Story in Tijuana – Mexico

This is the testimonial video of Diana sharing her sleeve gastrectomy success story in Tijuana, Mexico.

With an upsurge in the number of hi-tech hospitals in Mexico offering quality services, medical tourism in Mexico is seeing a boom. Affordable surgery cost, proximity to the US border and no long wait timings are some more reasons which attract medical tourists to Tijuana. You may click here for another testimonial video of vertical sleeve gastrectomy in Puerto Vallarta.



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Following is the video narration:

“I wanted to have the gastric sleeve because for me it was like the only solution. When I had the surgery doctor find out that I had a big stomach, you know he said that it was kind of odd for the BMI that I had and my body frame to have that big of a stomach. He was impressed about that. He even took a picture to show it to me later on. And I was impressed to see it because it was like a baby; you know it seems to be a baby. But I think it was the best decision that I have made.”

Other than weight loss surgery, our network of surgeons in Tijuana also offer dental implants and plastic surgery, that too at an affordable price. Also, the place is well-known for its beaches, seaside resorts and weather. So, the combination of pocket-friendly treatment and a soothing holiday, makes Tijuana an excellent destination for a medical trip.
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