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Renal Transplant Surgery


Renal transplant surgery in India is reasonable and at par with the treatments being offered in developed countries. The procedure is simple and transparent. Check out the video of this kidney transplant surgeon from India, who speaks about his education and experience and gives a brief overview of liver resection and liver transplant procedures.

Following is the video narration.

Education and Experience in Renal Transplant

“I am fellow of American College of Surgeons, Board certified surgeon. I was an instructor at American university Atlanta. And I served as a faculty at Louisiana state university health sciences center.
My specialty is hepatobiliary surgery and multi organ transplant. When I say hepatobiliary, all sorts of pathologies with respect to liver, pancreas and gastro intestinal tract which means liver resections…bowl surgeries, open and laparoscopic, depending upon the scenarios. My specialty also includes advanced laparoscopic surgeries of the foregut and the colorectal.”

Liver Resection and Renal Transplantation Procedure

“In addition to this, what I am doing here is liver and renal transplant. I practice as a multiorgan transplant surgeon……following my fellowship.

In liver resections we do open or laparoscopic liver resections which means we take a portion of the liver out mainly from liver tumors sometimes it could be malignancies, sometimes as a big huge mass causing problem such as pain, not able to eat well and other issues.

So in those things what we do is, we resect a portion of the liver. We all know that liver regenerates so we take a portion of the liver. Rest of the liver grows back. So this could be done either in the conventional way we make a major incision, also laparoscopic, that we can do it here.

Second thing is any pathology, any problem in the gall bladder or the bile duct which means stones or any infection of the gall bladder. A gall bladder cancer or a cancer in the bile duct which people manifest, people come to the doctor with Jaundice, pain in abdomen, fever. In those conditions what we have to do it, resect the bile duct and if necessary a portion of the liver out. Those things entail major surgery. This is one of my specialty.

The other thing is commonly seen is the pancreatic malignancy, any problem, pancreas cancer, we open a portion of the pancreas, either laparoscopic, that could be done. Other surgeries of pancreas include drainage procedures, where some people have pancreas problems of alcoholic injuries where they get…pancreas. Those things we can do surgery to remedy the problem.”

Living Donor Kidney Transplantation in India

“The infrastructure we have with respect to the operating room and the instruments and ….I have exactly what I used to have, what I used to do in US. It’s available here. All the cutting edge technology is available in this facility, for example, liver resection or living donor surgery where we take a portion of the healthy liver from a donor, we can take it out with the same instrument I used to do before.

Like we have cruzer, we have harmonic scalpel, we have hydrojets. These all are available in this part of the hemisphere too. Regarding laparoscopic surgeries all the advanced technology such as harmonic scalpel, laparoscopic scalpels, laparoscopic staplers and all those things are all available here. So…… The hospital, if we look at it, it’s well maintained, its clean, it’s as good as, is well maintained as a hospital in US.”

In this video, the surgeon from India shares his interests and specialties. His main area of expertise is living donor renal transplant surgery.

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