Pre-Ops – Bariatric Surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico

Dr. Jorge Green, a bariatric surgeon with experience of more than 1,000 procedures talks about pre-op testing before bariatric surgery  in Tijuana, Mexico.


Video Transcription

First of all when a patient contacts or visits the website of Medical Tourism Corporation, (s)he fills a medical questionnaire that is checked out by us and the medical staff. And once the patient is approved for surgery, the team from the company, the nutritionist get in touch with the patient and send the pre-op diet.

Of course the medical staff is always in touch in case the patient has any doubts about the procedure. Once the patient arrives at the hospital we start with the pre-op blood work — the blood tests, the X-rays, the ECG, and we have to check that everything is right before the surgery.  There is an internist that checks out the results of the lab test and makes some recommendations for the safety of the patient during the surgery.

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