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Nuss Procedure India

Cost: From US$10,875*

Nuss Procedure Plan and Overview

  • Pre-procedure plan:
    • For considering Nuss Procedure in India, a pre-operative medical questionnaire needs to be filled by the patient.
    • A photograph of the chest and its measurement details are also required.
    • This will help the surgeon determine the patient’s eligibility for the surgery.
Nuss Procedure India
  • Procedure details:  
    • A stainless steel concave bar is inserted into the chest through two incisions made on the sides of the chest.
    • The bar is then flipped out to push the sternum outside.
    • To prevent dislocation, the bar is fixed with the ribs.
    • Depending on the requirement, more than one bar may be used.
    • It remains in the body of the patient for 2 or more years as suggested by the surgeon.
  • Length of  stay: 7 days in hospital + 7 days in India
  • Aftercare: The patient is advised not to get involved in strenuous activities like exercise, outdoor games, weight lifting etc for 4 to 6 months after surgery.

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Why Consider India for Nuss Procedure?

  • The cost factor: The cost of surgery in India is cheaper than US. By opting for Nuss Procedure in India, there can be a significant cost saving.
  • Experienced surgeons: India is home to many highly skilled surgeons. The surgeon whom we refer to, is a renowned Thoracic surgeon of India.
    • Has about 11 years of experience.
    • Has done fellowship in Seoul, Korea.
    • Is a member of Association of Surgeon of India and Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India.
    • Has authored many publications.
  • Availability of world-class hospitals: The hospital where we offer Nuss Procedure in India is a JCI accredited super-specialty hospital.The hospital is integrated with latest medical technologies.

Eligibility for Nuss Procedure

  • Not all Pectus excavatum patients are considered for the surgery. Those with very minor deformities may avoid this, as this procedure is not suggested for cosmetic reasons.
  • Patients with moderate to severe case of deformity facing problems like shortness of breath, exercise intolerance, pain in chest and many more, are considered for the surgery.

Travel Information:

  • Entry requirement: Passport and Visa are required. Except for citizens of Nepal and Bhutan, Visa is required for everyone.
  • Airport: We are offering the surgery in Gurgaon which is 30 kilometers from New Delhi. The airport of New Delhi is Indira Gandhi International Airport having an airport code DEL. We will be providing private transportation between airport, hotel and hospital.
  • Climate / Clothes: India experiences three kinds of weather. Summer (between April- June), Rainy (July- September) and winter (December- February). Weather is pleasant during rest of the year. Both summer and winter season are extreme in North India. Areas like Gurgaon experiences temperature above 45 degrees during summer and zero degrees in winter. Rainy season is moderate to heavy in north India.
  • While planning a trip to India it is always advisable to call the hotel where the stay is arranged and find out about the prevailing weather conditions. This will help in choosing the clothes one needs to bring.
  • Language: Hindi is official language of India. Due to western influence and British rule, English is frequently used at many places and by many people.

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