Pectus Excavatum Surgery India

Cost: US $ 7500 – 8500

Pectus Excavatum Surgery Overview

  • Nuss Proceedure is a minimally invasive surgery for treating Pectus Excavatum, a congenital deformity in which the ribs and sternum grows abnormally giving a sunken or funnel shaped appearance to the chest.
  • Suggested for children and young adults.
  •  In this procedure:
    • A concave stainless steel bar is inserted into the body of the patient with the help of two incisions done on the sides of the chest.
    • The bar is flipped to push the sternum out thereby bringing it to normal shape.
    • The bar is fixed to the ribs to prevent any dislocation.
    • It remains there for a period of 2 years or more if required.
    • This procedure is clinically proved to be safe and effective procedure for treatment of Pectus excavatum.

Pectus Excavatum - India

Costs Includes

The cost of Nuss Procedure in India is US $ 7500-8500. It includes:

  • All medical expenses like surgeon’s fees, radiologist’s fees etc.
  • Required hospital stay for the patient and one accompanying guest.
  • Pre and post operative guidance.
  • Private transportation for all medical purposes.
  • Transportation between airport, hotel and hospital.
  • Passport and visa Assistance.
  • Assistance with tourism activities if desired and permitted by surgeon.

Cost Excludes

  • Airfare.
  • Any charges for complications that might arise during or after surgery.
  • Any non-standard tests that might be required.

Pre Procedure Steps

  • A complete health examination is required.
  • Chest measurement and physical examinations are done to check if this surgery is essential.
  • Further evaluations like cardiac status, pulmonary function, and CT scan are also required.

Post Pectus Excavatum Surgery Case

  • Deep breathing is suggested.
  • The patients are strictly advised to avoid any kind of rigorous physical activities, exercise, playing outdoor games that involve running or any other form of exercise for 6 weeks.
  • Assistance with movement is required. A proper guidance will be given to the patient to move in a particular manner to avoid risks of bar displacement.

Risks Involved and Side Effects

  • The most common risk associated with it is Air in the chest (pneumothorax).This does not require any treatment. Aggressive breathing is suggested for faster recovery.

Trip Planner:

  • Non-medical tips:
    • Passport: Required
    • Visa: Except for citizens of Nepal and Bhutan, visa is required to visit India.
    • Helpful language tips: Hindi is the most frequently spoken language. Due to influence of western world, English is also widely spoken. Some of the useful phrases in Hindi are:
      • Hello: Namaste
      • You: Aap
      • Me: Main
      • Good: Acha
      • Bad: Bura
      • Thank you: Dhanyavad
  • Medical tips:
    • A pre-operative evaluation will be suggested to determine the patient’s eligibility for the surgery. For overseas patients, the evaluation is based on a medical questionnaire, a chest measurement and photograph of the chest.
    •  The rest of the tests are conducted upon reaching the surgery destination.
    • The surgeon should be contacted to get all pre-operative preparations guidelines.

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