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Nose Job in Costa Rica

The video shows a leading plastic surgeon from Costa Rica talk about nose job (rhinoplasty).

 Video Narration

“Nose surgery is probably the best expression of the art of plastic surgery. Plastic surgeon performing the nose surgery has to be very well timed. During the training probably they have to make a lot of, a lot of noses and also to have a very very good teacher. The nose surgery, because in the nose a medium…means a lot of change and today, nose surgery is performed mainly in two ways – so called the open technique which means a small wound in this part called the columella and the ordinary the closed technique without wounds. Every surgery performed…the way they feel better. The most of my patients I perform with a closed technique and we can get very very nice result for example, a patient with a hump in the nose, it is important to take out the hump to improve the appearance of the tip. Although the concept of beauty is different, the most of the noses are better or lose beauty if they have the tip a little higher than rest of the nose. So most of the plastic surgeons are trying to do this during the surgery utilizing the cartilage taken from the septum or the ears to grow the height of the tip and also the definition of the tip.”

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