Mexican Ophthomologist on Eye Laser Options in Tijuana

In this video Dr. Antonio Mendez, a reputed Mexican eye surgeon talks about his educational background and specialization. He also sheds light on the advanced LASIK Surgery in Tijuana – Mexico that is available to local and foreign clients.

Video Transcription

“I’m an Ophthalmologist, I did my medical school in the Universidad De La Torre, Baja, California in the city of Mexicali and then after that I did my residency; Ophthalmology school at the Institute of De Ophthalmology De Valenciana and they are a part of the… after I did Ophthalmology,  I did a … specialty in cornea and refractive surgery. Here we mainly do corneal transplants and refractive surgery has everything do with changing the prescription of your eyes and improving vision.

After that we went all around the world to learn new techniques in the US, Europe and South America; learning new techniques and getting experience with all the different procedures. Nowadays it’s the other way around; I go all around the world teaching what we have learnt. I’m member of several international societies, like the European Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the American Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the Latin American Cataract and Refractive Surgery. Associations; also the Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology, I’m also an active member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and so obviously here in Mexico I’m a member and past President of most of the most important societies and colleges here in Mexico.

I’ve been practicing since 1994 in Tijuana and by 2002 we opened this new facility. This facility has state of the art installations and state of the art equipment; we work with only the best and the newest technology that is accessible. We’ve been doing excimer laser since 1994, in fact we actually wrote a chapter in the book of Lasik, the title of the book is Lasik. It’s by… and they’re both from Greece, Crete and they were kind enough to invite me to write a chapter about the Latin American experience in Lasik. So we’ve been involded with Lasik and refractive surgery for many many years now.

Yes, I am mostly involved with refractive surgery. Refractive surgery is any procedure that helps improve the ability to focus without any eyeglasses.. your vision. So (for) improving this vision we’ve been using most of the newest techniques now. We work mainly with the SMILE procedure; the SMILE is Small Incision Lenticule Extraction. SMILE has been very popular now in Europe.”

Individuals travel to Mexico from places like the US, Canada and Europe for affordable Cataract Surgery in Tijuana as well.

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