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Eye Evisceration in Tijuana, Mexico

Evisceration is performed to remove all the contents of the eye, leaving only the scleral shell and the extraocular muscles behind. Evisceration is performed to improve the cosmesis of a blind eye or to relieve the pain caused by inflammation or infection.

In Tijuana, evisceration of the eye is performed at a significantly lower price as compared to the US and Canada, and one can save upto 50 percent or more simply by crossing the border and seeing a doctor on the other side.

Eye evisceration

The Evisceration Procedure

  • The surgery can be performed under local anesthesia but most doctors prefer to do it under twilight anesthesia (which is a mild form of general anesthesia).
  • The contents of the eye, other than the sclera, are removed with a sharp curette or spoon, and the area is thoroughly cleaned
  • Antibiotic ointment is then applied and a firm bandage put in place.
  • The socket is inspected after 1-2 days, and antibiotic ointment is regularly applied post that.
  • Artificial eye can be inserted once the surgical site heals.

Post-operative Care

  • You will be required to stay in the hospital overnight or maybe even for 2 nights after the surgery
  • Once acute pain subsides, and the doctor inspects the socket, the patient is allowed to leave
  • Antibiotic ointment must be applied as instructed, and special care must be taken to keep the surgical site free of any dirt or debris
  • A temporary ocular prosthesis can be placed after a fortnight and until ocularist prepares your artificial eye

Eye Evisceration - Mexico

Why go to Tijuana?

  • Tijuana is right across the border and very easily reachable. You can choose to fly to the General Abelardo L. Rodríguez International Airport in Tijuana, Mexico or to the San Diego Airport, and take a cab from there.
  • The big savings you make in Tijuana even after considering the travel and lodging costs will make it worth traveling the distance.
  • Similar quality of treatment as you expect in the United States because we work with hospitals that are accredited by local and international organizations such as the JCI.
  • Bilingual doctors and staff.
  • No waiting lines, and easy approachability of doctors should you need to go back ever.

If you are considering evisceration of the eye, Tijuana would make your perfect medical destination.

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