Costa Rica medical tourism industry is growing by leaps and bounds, thanks to patients from the US and Canada who travel to Costa Rica in large numbers every year.

The destination is easily accessible for patients traveling from the aforementioned countries, thanks to the frequent flights operation from major US and Canadian stations to Costa Rica, the cost of surgeries and treatments is at least 50-70% less than what patients would find in their home countries and there are no waiting lists.

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Medical Tourism Costa Rica

In addition to offering benefits like low costs and prompt attention, Costa Rica boasts the presence of top, private accredited hospitals which offer a wide number of treatments.

The doctors are certified and trained at international locations, mostly in America. Initially, Costa Rica was much popular for Cosmetic and Dental treatments, but thanks to the country’s growing infrastructure, patients find almost all medical treatments and surgeries here.

One very good news for patients traveling to Costa Rica from the US and Canada is that citizens of these two countries do not require a visa if their travel is for less than 90 days. A valid passport is all they need!

Medical Vacation in Costa Rica

Patients traveling to Costa Rica will find that not only is the place an amazing medical destination, but also a great vacation spot. Offering everything from beautiful beaches, lush green mountains and diverse plant and animal life to opportunities for people interested in museums, fishing and scuba diving, Costa Rica is a foreigner friendly country and attracts more than 2 million visitors every year. The country portrays an easy going, relaxed lifestyle and is politically and economically stable.

A low crime rate coupled with a high literacy rate and healthcare with compares with the best in the world make Costa Rica a good spot for holidaying as well. Also, the country has a special group of Tourist Police who have been appointed especially to take care of the tourists and answer all their queries.

Some Points to Consider When Planning a Costa Rica Medical Tour

  • Spanish is the main language in Costa Rica. But most of the people have a good grasp of English as well.
  • American dollar is accepted at most places in the country, but it is always good to check first, and the same is not true for every currency.
  • Most US cell phones do not work in Costa Rica.
  • Internet speed is not as good as one would find in the US, Canada or Europe.
  • One should always use licensed taxis for transportation.

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