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MACS vs. Mini Facelift

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Mini face lift of MACS lift is a less invasive facial cosmetic surgery as compared to traditional or full face lift. Mini face lift is also known as minimal access cranial suspension lift and is performed using local anesthesia. In the video below leading plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Cancun explains the difference between MACS lift and full face lift cosmetic surgery.

“Mini facelift is the lift from the mid of the face that is, cheek area and incision is very small as well as unnoticeable. And the best candidates for this are the patients around 40s or less age. MACS lift is more or less the mini facelift but the MACS lift is a technique which, I would say, is not better or worse than the other, it’s just a different technique.”

Advantages of MACS or Mini Face Lift:

  • Less invasive
  • Performed under local anesthesia
  • Less undermining of the skin required
  • Recovery time is one week as compared to 6 or 8 weeks in case of full face lift.
  • Mini face lift is a short procedure ( 2 hours)

If you fit the ideal candidate profile for MACS or mini facelift, Mexico holds a significant cost advantage. Fill the estimate request form to your right.

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