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Low Cost Gall Bladder Surgery in Mexico, India, and Costa Rica

Costs of medical procedures in the US and UK can often be too high and seem unaffordable, especially for the un-insured or for procedures not covered by insurance. Same is the case with gall bladder surgery or cholecystectomy.

But you can achieve significant cost savings if you opt for gall bladder surgery in Mexico, India, or Costa Rica – all well-established and trusted medical tourism destinations. More about that later; first, a brief medical overview of the condition.

Gallbladder Surgery

What is gall bladder surgery?

Gall bladder surgery essentially involves the removal of stones from the gall bladder or the gall bladder itself. It is one of the most frequently done operations throughout the world as the gall bladder is thought to be an inessential organ in the body.

How is gall bladder surgery done overseas?
The surgery can be done in two ways: (i) conventional gall bladder surgery; (ii) or laparoscopic surgery.

What are the benefits of laparoscopic cholecystectomy or gall bladder surgery?

  • The conventional surgery involves a large incision on the abdomen and a few days of hospitalization. The laparoscopic method means usually four small incisions that will hardly leave any distinguishable marks and quicker recovery time.
  • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy also means lesser pain for the patient and lesser risk of infection.
  • Recovery time in the conventional method can be up to four weeks, whereas in the laparoscopic method, most patients return to their normal work routine in a week.

Can I get insurance coverage for gall bladder surgery?

Well, yes and no. That’s because some health plans cover gall bladder surgery, and some don’t. So, you need to check on your specific plan. Also, some plans classify gall bladder surgery as a non-emergency and elective procedure. Hence, it requires pre-surgical certification. This, of course, means some hassle for you. Yet other health plans cover a limited portion of the cost, like $2,500 per coverage period per insured person.

Cost of gall bladder surgery

  • The cost of gall bladder surgery in the US can vary widely from $ 7,000-$ 15,000 and in the UK from £ 3,500 – £ 5,800. This can seem a huge obstacle to the un-insured and even to the insured whose plan does not cover or has limited cover for gall bladder.
  • This is why more and more people from the West are turning to medical tourism in India, Mexico, and Costa Rica for cheaper alternatives.
  • In India, Mexico, and Costa Rica, you can get the same gall blader surgery or cholecystectomy done at about half or even one-fourth the price. The cost of gall bladder surgery abroad is cheaper not because of inferior medical care, but other factors like lower cost of labor, infrastructure, etc.
  • Doctors in India, Mexico, and Costa Rica are most often educated in the US or UK and have also gained some work experience there. Top hospitals in India, Mexico, and Costa Rica follow strict standards on hygiene and embrace the latest technology.

Hence, if you are contemplating gall bladder surgery or cholecystectomy in India, Mexico, or Costa Rica, there is not much room for concern. Go ahead and enjoy a healthier life, and it wont cost you the earth!

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