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Living Donor Kidney Transplant Surgeon


Renowned Nephrologist and Organ transplant surgeon from India talks about his education and experience in the field. The video will help patients get much information on the quality and care offered by India for nephrology procedures.

Following is the video narration.

“I am heading the nephrology and transplant services. This is a state-of-the-art hospital. It’s an American hospital and it is fully computerized. It’s electronic, paperless hospital with all modalities of therapy available under a roof. I have experience of doing 200 transplants in my earlier hospitals and we are doing live related ethical transplants.

I did my major in nephrology from All India Institute of Medical Sciences way back in 1993 and since then I am into practice for last 17-18 yrs. I did a fellowship in Nephrology in USA in University of Missouri, University of Columbia, Missouri state in 2002 and this was preceded by a fellowship in peritoneal dialysis in University of Toronto, Toronto Western Hospital in Toronto in 2000. And I have had fellowships in Japan under Colombo Plan in UK.

I spent couple of weeks in Australia trying to catch up the newer techniques of transplants in Cogra hospital in Sydney. And I have very widely travelled, presented my publications. I have 35 publications in peer reviewed journals, national and international journals and I am a regular reviewer of articles in all key journals.”

The surgeon has performed over 200 transplant surgeries and has to his credit 35 national and international publications. He has done fellowship in Nephrology from the University of Columbia (US), fellowship in peritoneal dialysis from Toronto Western Hospital (Toronto) and fellowship from Japan and UK, and has also worked in Australia.

The surgeon performs kidney stone surgery, peritoneal dialysis etc., but his primary interest is in “living donor kidney transplants.”

The doctor does not deal with Cadaver Kidney transplants.

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