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Knee Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

Opting for orthopedic knee surgery in Tijuana, a major Mexican border city, can help you cut down costs substantially. And if you are an American or a Canadian, you can look forward to savings on the travel front too as the closest American airport (in San Diego) to the border town is just 20 minutes away. Also you can look forward to quality care at the hands of experienced surgeons. Read on to know more.

Types of Knee Surgeries Offered

Some of the commonly sought knee orthopedic procedures are as follows:

  • Knee Replacement:
    • If you have a stiff, painful knee which makes even the simplest of activities extremely agonizing, then you may want to consider knee replacement surgery.
    • You make a candidate for it if you are over 50 years of age and are suffering from osteoarthritis.
    • The knee replacement procedure involves removing the damaged weight-bearing parts of the knee.
    • The surface of the knee is then shaved off and shaped to attach an artificial knee joint.
    • Depending on the degree of damage, the joint might be replaced wholly (total knee replacement) or partially (partial knee replacement surgery).
    • Average hospital stay after surgery is about 3-5 days.

  • Meniscus Repair:
    • Menisci are the two wedge-shaped cushions that provide support to the knee joints.
    • Meniscal tear is a very common sports injury.
    • Older people may also suffer from meniscus tear because of weakened or worn out cartilage.
    •  A “pop” sound is often heard when a meniscus tears. This will be accompanied with pain, stiffness, and swelling of the knees with a limited range of motion.
    • Knee arthroscopy is a common way of performing knee meniscus repair.
    • In this procedure, the surgeon will insert a tiny camera into the knee to view and remove or repair the damaged part of the meniscus.
    • Your knee will be set in a cast or brace to restrict its movement.
  • ACL Reconstruction:
    • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the main ligaments of the knee which join the femur and tibia. Injuries to the ACL are quite common.
    • According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the incidence of ACL injuries is about 200,000 per year.
    • Repairing ACL injuries by sewing together the torn edges usually does not have a very high success.
    • Torn ACLs are usually supplanted with grafts comprising tendons.
    • The most commonly used grafts used in ACL reconstruction are autografts (which come from the patient’s own body), which are taken from the patella, hamstring or quadriceps. In some cases, allografts (taken from cadavers) may also be used.
  • PCL Reconstruction:
    • Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) is also one of the primary ligaments of the knee that connect the thighbone with the shinbone.
    • PCL injuries are caused by the bent knee being involved in an accident or a fall.
    • Torn PCL often heals on its own. A reconstruction will have to be carried out if you have suffered from injuries in other ligaments as well.
    • A torn PCL is usually not sewn together because the results might not last for long. Hence, it is replaced with grafts taken from other parts of the body or from a cadaver.
  • Cartilage Resurfacing of the Knee:
    • Cartilage cushions and covers parts of the knee joint where bones meet.
    • Articular cartilage damage can result in intense pain, inflammation and decreased motion.
    • Cartilage damage can be a result of a direct blow, a bad fall, wear and tear over a prolonged period of time and even inactivity.
Knee Surgery

Cost of Knee Surgery in Tijuana vs. USA

Here is a comparative table of the cost of Medical Tourism Corporation’s (MTC) knee surgery packages and their corresponding average American prices:

ProcedureCost in TijuanaAverage Cost in USA
Knee Replacement$8,925$40,000
Meniscus Repair(arthroscopic)$3,360$9,000-30,000
ACL Reconstruction$4,935$9,000-21,000
PCL Reconstruction$4,935$10,000-30,000
Knee Cartilage Resurfacing$2,940$10,000

Please note that the above mentioned prices are subject to change without any prior notification. We advise you to fill our online quote form for the latest prices and other related information.

Benefits of Choosing Tijuana for Knee Surgery

  • Pay only 30-50% of the prices charged for knee surgery in the United States and Canada.
  • Save on traveling time and cost too as Tijuana is just 17 miles from San Diego, California.
  • Schedule your surgery conveniently without any waiting periods involved.
  • Get quality care at ultra modern surgery center.
  • Get treated by one of the leading orthopedic surgeons of Mexico.

Highly Experienced Ortho Surgeon of Mexico

MTC, in its endeavor to provide the best of the medical care to its clients, works with the foremost doctors and surgeons in Mexico. The orthopedic surgeon the company works with, for example, has more than 30 years of experience. He is an international affiliate member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. His profile in brief:

  • Presently serving as General Director of one of the leading surgery center’s of the city
  •  Education:
    • National Medical Center, IMSS – Orthopedics and Traumatology – Mexico City, Mexico (1981-84)
    • Fellowship in Arthroscopic Surgery from the National Institute of Orthopedics – Mexico City (1994)
    • Orthopedic Technician Course – Grossmont College, San Diego, CA (1998-99)
    • MS in Aesthetic Surgery from Guadalajara, Mexico (2005-07)
  • Is a member of a number of prestigious societies and associations such as the Mexican Society of Orthopedics and the Mexican College of Orthopedics
  • Most of his clients are from the United States

Click here to read more on the knee surgeon serving in the Mexican border city.

MTC at Your Service

By choosing MTC to facilitate your knee surgery such as knee replacement, ACL reconstruction or meniscus repair in Tijuana, you can look forward to getting full value for your money. Our knee surgery packages include:

  • Full travel assistance including help in booking air-tickets, and visa and passport expedience
  • Destination manager ready to assist 24*7
  • Free airport pick-up
  • Pre and post-ops
  • Hotel stay at discounted tariffs

And a lot more!

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About Your Surgery Destination

Here is a brief guide to your destination for knee surgery in Mexico:

Documents Required

  • If you are an American or a Canadian, you need a valid passport or passport card to cross over into Mexico.
  • You are permitted a stay of 72 hours without a visa or a tourist card if you stay within 20-30 kilometers from the border crossing (also called the ”border zone”).
  • To venture farther from the 20 km border zone limit, you will have to obtain a tourist card called FMM.

Border Crossing
You will have to cross the San Ysidro Port of Entry to enter Tijuana from the American side. The port of entry is open 24 hours a day. San Ysidro Station Contact No.(619) 639-7100

The region experiences pleasant weather all year round because of its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Average temperatures hover around 700 F.

International Airport Serving the City
The Mexican border town has its own international airport (code: TIJ) which is only about 6 km from the heart of the city.

Closest American Airports
Some of the nearest American airports to the Mexican border town are:

  • San Diego International Airport (SAN): 20 miles (32 km)
  • John Wayne Airport (SNA) – Santa Ana, CA: 103 miles (166 km)
  • Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) – Palm Springs, CA: 157 miles (253 km)

Distance from American cities

  • Chula Vista, CA: 6 miles (9 km)
  • Irvine, CA: 89 miles (143 km)
  • Long Beach, CA: 108 miles (174 km)
  • Los Angeles, CA: 127 miles (204 km)
  • Yuma, Arizona: 140 miles (228 km)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada: 270 miles (435 km)
  • Phoenix, Arizona: 294 miles (473 km)
  • Tempe, Arizona: 302 miles (486 km)

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