Struggling with knee pain but scared of the sky-high surgery costs? Look no further than Knee surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. Regain your knee’s vitality without burning a hole in your pocket. Receive top-quality care at savings of up to 57% compared to the UK. Dive deeper into this article and discover how Istanbul is your path to pain-free movement.

Get Rid of Knee Pain With Robotic Surgery in Istanbul!

Knee Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey: Reviews

Read firsthand accounts of individuals who've undergone knee surgery in Istanbul. Get inspired by their experiences, outcomes, and the exceptional care they received.

Cost of Knee Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

Undergoing knee surgery in the UK can be financially taxing. While Istanbul offers the same expertise for a fraction of what you'd pay in the UK.

For instance, robotic knee surgery costs a mere €12,730 in Istanbul. That's ~57% less than the rates prevailing across Europe.

In the UK, you'd encounter a hefty price tag of €30,000. Similarly, total knee replacement (unilateral) in Istanbul is priced at €10,000. On the contrary, you'll pay a substantial amount of €18,500 in the UK.

Still doubtful? Check out the table below showcasing the Istanbul knee surgery cost breakdown.

Cost of Knee Surgery in Istanbul vs the UK
Procedure UK Istanbul Savings
Total Knee Arthroplasty (Robotic) €30,000 €12,730 57%
Total Knee Replacement (Unilateral) €18,500 €10,000 45%
Total Knee Replacement (Bilateral) €25,000 €16,000 36%
Arthroscopic Meniscal Repair €10,000 €3,900 61%
Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction €8,000 €4,900 39%
Cartilage Restoration €6,200 €3,150 50%
*The prices mentioned above are subject to change.

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Why Istanbul is the Best Choice for Knee Surgery?

From renowned medical expertise to cultural richness, Istanbul ticks all the boxes. But there's more to it. Discover why Istanbul stands as the ultimate destination for orthopedic surgery.

Six Major Benefits of Choosing Istanbul for Knee Surgery

Six Major Benefits of Choosing Istanbul for Knee Surgery
  • Affordability: Istanbul offers knee surgery at 57% less than in other European nations.
  • Cost of Living: This affordability is attributed to Turkey's low living cost compared to the UK.[1]
  • Technology: Istanbul boasts state-of-the-art facilities like DVRS & HIFU for better results.
  • Bilingual Staff: The doctors as well as the staff speak fluent English & Turkish.

Thus, facilitating effective patient-doctor communication.

  • Quality: Istanbul houses JCI-accredited hospitals known for their high-quality healthcare.
  • Credibility: MLP Care is the largest healthcare provider in Turkey, operating in 30+ hospitals across 17 cities.
  • Expertise: Renowned orthopedic surgeons from around the world practice in Istanbul.
  • Experience: The doctors from our partner hospitals boast 20+ years of experience in knee surgeries.
  • Convenient Location: Istanbul is a global hub with well-connected airports, making it easily accessible.
  • Medical Visa: Patients traveling to Turkey for medical procedures can easily and promptly secure a medical visa.[2]
  • Culture & History: Istanbul's rich cultural heritage includes historic sites like the Hagia Sophia & Blue Mosque.
  • Scenic Locations: Istanbul offers beautiful landscapes along the Bosphorus Strait.

Thus, aiding in post-surgery relaxation and recovery.

Scroll down to navigate through Istanbul's premier orthopedic clinics.

Discovering the Top Orthopedic Hospitals in Istanbul, Turkey

Let's delve into the top facilities in Istanbul that have set unparalleled standards in knee surgery. Thus, providing patients with optimal care and outstanding results.

Seeking top-notch orthopedic care in Istanbul, Turkey? Scroll down to know more!

Best Orthopedic Surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey

Selecting the ideal orthopedic surgeon is pivotal for optimal surgical outcomes. At MTC, we bridge this gap. Thus, connecting you seamlessly with Istanbul's top orthopedic expertise.

Dr. Nevzat Gokay

23+ years

MD Orthopedics


Knee Surgery, Hip Surgery, Foot Surgery, Ankle Surgery, Shoulder Surgery


Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine

  • Certification: European Board of Orthopedics & Traumatology
  • Awards:Best Oral Presentation Award, 2012 and Akif Sakir Sakar Research Award, 2006
  • Memberships: Turkish Medical Association and Turkish Arthroplasty Association
  • Memberships: International Cartilage Repair Society and Turkish Sports Injuries and Knee Surgery Association


Dr. Çağatay Öztürk

20+ years



Orthopaedic Surgery and Joint Replacement Surgery


Hacettepe University

  • Work Experience: HOD, Istinye University Senior consultant, Sisli Florence Nightingale Hospital
  • Memberships: Turkish Medical Association and The North American Spine Society and The Minimally Invasive Spine Society
  • List of Treatments: Acetabular Fixation, Total Hip Replacement, Cemented Total Hip Replacement, and Cementless Total Hip Replacement (THR) Surgery

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Knee Surgery in Istanbul: Complete Guide

Knee surgery is a medical procedure performed to address issues or injuries in the knee joint. Thus, restoring mobility and relieving pain.

Source: Medical News Today[3]

Total Knee Replacement in Istanbul, Turkey

Total Knee Replacement in Istanbul, Turkey

Am I Eligible for Knee Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey?

This surgical intervention is recommended for individuals who meet specific eligibility criteria. This includes:

Individuals with knee injuries like ligament tears or fractures. It's also considered for chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Knee surgery is considered when conservative treatments like medication and physical therapy don't relieve persistent knee pain.

It's an option for individuals whose knee problems significantly restrict daily activities or physical abilities.

Knee surgery becomes an option when non-surgical treatments like injections or bracing haven't yielded results.

Source: Medical News Today[4]

Types of Knee Surgeries in Istanbul

Knee Arthroscopy in Istanbul

  • Arthroscopic knee surgery is a minimally invasive procedure.
  • A small incision and a tiny camera (arthroscope) are used to visualize and repair the knee joint.
  • It is used to treat various knee conditions, such as torn ligaments, damaged cartilage, or inflamed synovium.

Source: Medical News Today[5]

Knee Arthroscopy in Istanbul

Knee Arthroscopy
Duration Recovery Success Rate
1 hr 6-8 wks 90%[6]

Total Knee Replacement in Istanbul

  • Knee replacement is a surgical procedure that replaces a severely damaged knee joint.
  • It involves removing damaged joint surfaces and implanting metal and plastic components.
  • It alleviates pain and improves mobility in patients with advanced arthritis or joint degeneration.

Source: Medical News Today[7]

Total Knee Replacement in Istanbul

Total Knee Replacement
Duration Recovery Durability
1-2 hrs 3-6 months 15 yrs[8]

ACL Reconstruction in Istanbul

  • It is often required for athletes and active individuals with a torn ACL.
  • ACL reconstruction aims to restore stability and function to the knee.
  • In this, the damaged ACL is replaced with a graft (usually from the patient's hamstring).

Source: Medical News Today[9]

ACL Reconstruction in Istanbul, Turkey

ACL Reconstruction
Duration Recovery Durability
2-3 hrs 8-12 wks 12 yrs [10]

Meniscus Repair in Istanbul

  • Meniscus tear is a common knee injury that occurs mostly in athletes.[11]
  • Meniscus repair is a surgical procedure where a surgeon repairs the torn meniscus using a suture.[12]
  • However, the damaged portion is removed (partial meniscectomy) when repair is not possible.

Meniscus Repair in Istanbul

Meniscus Repair
Duration Recovery Durability
1 hour 8 weeks 7 years[12]

Cartilage Restoration in Istanbul

  • Cartilage damage often responds to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications.[13]
  • Procedures like microfracture and ACI may be performed to treat damaged knee cartilage.[14]
  • These techniques aim to promote the growth of healthy cartilage tissue or replace damaged areas.

Cartilage Restoration in Istanbul, Turkey

Cartilage Restoration
Duration Recovery Success
1-3 hrs 12 wks 91-95%[15]

Explore the intricacies of knee surgery with our in-depth guide in the upcoming section.

Knee Surgery in Istanbul: Procedure Breakdown

From repairs to replacements, it's a systematic process that ensures optimal recovery and function. Here's a brief step-by-step breakdown of the typical knee surgery process:


Begin pre-operative preparation, medical consultations, and physical evaluations about a month before the surgery date.

Diagnostic Tests

Conduct preparatory and diagnostic tests, including blood count, clotting assessment, electrocardiograms (ECGs), and urine tests.

Tissue Removal

The orthopedic surgeon removes damaged cartilage and bone during the procedure (under general or spinal anesthesia).

Implant Placement

Lastly, positioning of a new implant, typically made of metal, plastic, or a combination, to restore knee alignment and function.

Source: Medical News Today[16]

Experience the Future: Robotic Knee Replacement in Istanbul

Step into the future of knee surgery with robotic precision in Istanbul - a pioneering approach for lasting knee health.

A 65-Year-Old Patient Praising Robotic Surgery in Istanbul

How Robotic Knee Surgery is Advanced Than Knee Surgery?

Robotic knee surgery uses advanced technology for better precision than traditional methods. It ensures quicker recovery and improved results.

Here are the 5 benefits Robotics offers above conventional knee surgery.

  • Accuracy: Robotic systems enhance implant placement using the patient's anatomy.
  • Personalization: The procedure can be personalized for each patient's unique anatomy using a 3D model.
  • Reduced Trauma: Robotic systems can lead to smaller incisions, reducing trauma and potentially speeding up recovery.
  • Better Outcomes: Some studies suggest better long-term outcomes and reduced wear on implants due to the precise placement.
  • Enhanced Visualization: Surgeons often have a more detailed view of the area, allowing for more informed decisions during surgery.

Source: Springer[17]

Duration Recovery Durability
1-2 hours 6-10 weeks 15-25 years[18]

Post-Knee Surgery Aftercare: Dos & Don'ts

In the critical phase following surgery, proper aftercare is vital for a successful recovery. Here, we outline the key "Dos and Don'ts" to guide you toward a smoother rehabilitation journey.

  • Consider iron supplements to support wound healing and muscle strength.
  • Adhere to the guidelines provided by your surgeon, including medication & exercises.
  • Participate in recommended physical therapy sessions to regain strength and mobility.
  • Take prescribed pain medications to manage discomfort and use ice packs to reduce swelling.
  • Don't stand still for extended periods to prevent ankle swelling.
  • Do not soak the wound until the scar is fully healed to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Refrain from bending down and lifting heavy objects, especially during the initial weeks.
  • Be vigilant of infection around the incision site, such as redness, increased swelling, or discharge.

Source: Medical News Today[19]

Exploring Medical Tourism in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, a thriving hub for international patients, beckons with remarkable affordability. Istanbul, bridging Europe and Asia, is Turkey's most populous city.[20] It is an enchanting blend of history, culture, and modernity.

Last but not least, hospitals Its unique geographical position and rich past draw tourists from all around the globe.

Scenic View of Istanbul, Turkey

Scenic View of Istanbul, Turkey

What To Do in Istanbul, Turkey?

Hagia Sophia

Originally a cathedral, it later became a mosque.[21]

Hagia Sophia showcases Istanbul's history with its massive dome and mosaics.

Its structure influenced both Christian and Muslim architectural trends.

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul

The Blue Mosque

It's renowned for its blue tiles inside. This historic mosque is still active.

It's an Ottoman Empire architectural marvel.

The mosque has six distinct minarets, a rarity in Islamic architecture.

Source: Smart History[22]

Topkapi Palace

It was the Ottoman sultans' main residence. Today, it's a museum.

It displays imperial collections, including the Prophet Muhammad’s belongings.

The palace offers panoramic views of the city and the Bosphorus.

Source: Topkapi Palace[23]

Topkapi Palace in Istanbul


A staple in Turkish dining, where meat is often skewered and grilled.

Kebabs range from spicy "Adana" to herbed "Urfa".

Each has its unique blend of spices and preparation methods.

Kebab - Popular dish in Istanbul

Baklava - Sweet Pastry in Istanbul


A sweet pastry made with filo.

It's layered with nuts and sweetened with syrup.

Baklava's crispy texture and rich flavor make it a favorite.


Small dishes are served before the main courses.

These can include hummus, tabbouleh, and more.

Mezze offers a taste of diverse Turkish appetizers.

Mezze - Popular Istanbul Dish

Passport and Visa Requirements

  • Passport: You'll need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Turkey.
  • Visa: You'll need a tourist visa to enter Turkey. They are generally valid for 90 days within a 180-day period.

Source: Gov.UK[24]

Note: Always check with the official Turkish embassy website for the most up-to-date visa and passport requirements.

Traveling From the UK to Istanbul

Visiting Istanbul is straightforward and efficient, with several direct flights available.

Flights From Different UK Cities to Istanbul
UK City No. of Hours No. of Stops
London 3 h 50 m Direct
Manchester 4 hours Direct
Birmingham 4 hours Direct
Edinburgh 4.5 hours Direct
Glasgow 6 h 20 m 1 Stop

Note: Flight durations and stops may vary depending on specific airline routes and conditions.

Safety First: Is Knee Surgery in Istanbul a Secure Choice?

Turkey presently has a Level 2 Travel Advisory from the U.S. Government.[25]


Pondering the safety of knee surgery in Istanbul, Turkey? Since no country is devoid of petty crimes, we understand your concern! However, most parts of Turkey are usually safe for visitors to travel.[26]

Let's break down the safety aspect both as a traveler and as a patient.

Istanbul, Turkey is a quite safe option for getting knee surgery. The following pointers ensure your safety as a medical tourist.

  • JCI accredited hospitals
  • Surgeons with over 20 years of experience
  • Positive Google reviews and patient testimonials
  • Credibility of MLP Care (chain of 31 hospitals across 17 cities)
  • Technologies like - Da Vinci Robotic Surgery & Robotic Prosthetic Surgery

Istanbul is a safe city to explore, even for a solo traveler.[27]

While Istanbul is safe, it's still best to exercise caution when you're out exploring on your own. Keep the following safety tips in mind to have a hassle-free experience.

  • Don't accept drinks from strangers.
  • Beware of pickpockets in tourist areas.
  • Stick to metered rates while traveling in local taxis to avoid excess charges.
  • Do not engage with the shoe cleaners no matter how hard they try to get your attention.
  • While making payments from the card, make sure the card machine charges in Turkish Lira.

Source: Bounce[28]

Let's navigate through frequently asked questions.


Istanbul offers world-class medical facilities at a very reasonable price. On top of that, experienced surgeons will ensure you get the best care possible. Istanbul is rich in culture and history. Thus, you can combine your treatment with the allure of a historic city.

Last but not least, hospitals here offer comprehensive post-operative care to the patients.

The average cost of knee surgery in Istanbul ranges between €10,000 - €12,700. That's approximately 57% cheaper than in the UK and other Western nations.

Total Knee Replacement in Istanbul (Robotic) costs around €12,700. However, the same treatment in the UK would cost you €30,000.

Wrapping it Up!

Knee Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, is a doorway to premium healthcare without breaking the bank! Embark on a journey to Istanbul, Turkey, where healthcare meets travel. It's time to choose affordability without compromising on excellence.

Visit Istanbul for knee surgery!

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