Joint Commission International (JCI) is a not-for-profit corporation based in the USA whose mission is to improve the quality and safety of overseas healthcare services(international hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers).

JCI is a division of Joint Commission Resources (JCR), the subsidiary of the Joint Commission, which is the largest accreditor of healthcare organizations in the USA.

JCI surveyors visit accredited healthcare organizations to evaluate standards compliance. Starting in 2006, all regular Joint Commission accreditation surveys are unannounced.

The surveyors are highly trained certified experts who are doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, laboratory medical technologists, and other health care professionals.

The surveyors select random patients and use their medical records, patient personal experience, and medical staff interviews to evaluate standards compliance.

The JCI standards do not address billing, insurance payment, or labor relations. The accreditation process is designed to accommodate specific legal, religious, and cultural factors within a country.

JCI management & consultants consist of healthcare experts & leaders in management, nursing, medicine, environment of care, quality improvement and measurement, strategic planning, competency assessment, peer review, and information management.

Having a JCI accreditation, an organization demonstrates high-quality patient care & also a desire for continuous improvement.

At Medical Tourism Corporation one of the things that we consider when adding a network hospital is if they are JCI accredited.

Although JCI, or any standard for that matter for a hospital, cannot guarantee a perfect medical result, it ensures that we are dealing with a high-quality medical institution.

Hospital Clinica Biblica in Costa Rica is one such hospital. For more information, visit the Joint Commission website at JC International.

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