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Interview on Sexual Dysfunction in Men & Penile Implants – Dr. Carlos Calvosa – Urologist, Costa Rica

Sexual Dysfunction/Impotence in men can be effectively treated via Penile Implants. The video here contains an interview with a renowned Urologist Dr. Carlos Calvosa, currently practicing in Costa Rica. Here he details the working of Penile Implants, with special emphasis on the AMS 700, which is used in Costa Rica and by Dr. Calvosa for effective treatment of Male Sexual Dysfunction.

Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Penile Implants

Sexual Dysfunction/Impotence in men can be treated via ills, suppositories, vacuum devices or injections. But when all these fail to give satisfactory results, Penile Implants are suggested by the doctor. Penile Implant surgery is undertaken to insert the prosthesis into the patient, which would effectively allow him to achieve an erection.

The Penile Implant prostheses are divided into two main categories – Malleable and Inflatable. In the video, Dr. Calvosa explains that in Costa Rica, the AMS 700 Penile Implant is used. Let’s look at the AMS 700 more closely.

AMS 700 Penile Implant

Used by renowned Costa Rican Urologist Dr. Carlos Calvosa, the AMS 700 prosthesis for Penile Implant is a 3 part inflatable prosthesis which consists of:

1. a pump in the scrotum
2. a saline filled reservoir in the abdomen
3. tubes within the penis that stimulate erections

When required, all the patient has to do is inflate the tubes using the pump. Completely concealed and easy to use, the AMS 700 is an effective and efficient solution to Male Sexual Dysfunction/Impotence.

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